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16 Year old human Squire of Solamnia

Lv.2 Squire

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 15
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 16
THAC0 15
AC 3

A young Squire that dreams of becoming a real knight of Solamnia. He is constantly followed by his best friend Trisana who also wants to become a knight like he. He has known her since his childhood and they always stick together. Airin is pretty open, honorable but protective. He idolises Sir Kayle Dragonbane. It is exactly such a knight Airin desires to be, to protect the weak and innocent and to wield the blade in the name of justice.


Short Sword
(No enchantments/blessings)
It is the first sword model ever used by mankind, a little longer than the dagger it also is a little stronger than it. Not very heavy and easy to handle.
Chain Mail
(No enchantments/blessings)
AC 5. The chain mail is a mail that is made by forging together small metal rings. It makes it pretty effective versus weaker blows but it isn't that effective versus arrows.
Medium Shield
(No enchantments/blessings)
The medium shield looks like a large shield but it it a little smaller and it ends in a triangle at the bottom. It is fairly good at reflecting arrows and blows from various melee weapons.
Bracers of Defense AC 6 These metal bracers are put around ones arms and are used for common protection. They can reflect a cut from a sword to a certain degree and give the user a little more defense.