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(Blaze Starstrike; created and played by Michael)




Blaze is about 6'3 and has clear blue eyes. His bearing is nice and he is very handsome. His hair is short-cut as it would otherwise interfear with his "work". He moves with style and grace as if he was dancing. He can barely be heard as he walks and he is very carismatic. He is easy to like and if he likes you either as a friend or as in a relationship you can always rely on him.
Most commonly he has his cape on with the dark hood over his head.



Noone knows of Blaze's heritage other than him. And he would like to keep it this way, so if you are planning to ask him do it with caution. He came to Krynn and is usually at Kip's place because of reasons noone knows or dares to guess on. He is an assasin but that only takes jobs he wants. Unlike other assasins his heart is somewhat pure ad he is pretty noble. Although all of this he is very skilled at his work and very dangerous to fight in a duel. An old myth about Blaze says that he once defeated a dragon in a duel. Even if this is a myth several opponents have seen that he might own such power, you could try to ask them yourselves if you could talk to the dead.
Noone knows what weapons and/or magic items he uses as they are well hidden on him. A pure guess would lead to that he has about 20-30 hidden weapons and items on him. Not knowing what weapons he has can make him a very dangerous foe and a very valuable ally.


~Newest Info~

He has learned that Luna might be preagnant with his child. He is very happy about these news and finally found strenght to propose to Luna. She said yes and the two are engaged.

Luna and Blaze got married the 13:th of december (Sunday). They were wed by Chance in the charming evening outside in the gardens. The wedding was nothing special and even if Blaze won't admit it he likes it that way. Stirring up a commotion is one of the things he hates to do. He doesn't feel like he needs some sort of audience since his loves Luna very much and feels that his love is pure and straightforward. He is waiting for the news about the child; if she really is preagnant and if the child is a boy or a girl. He won't ask anyone about this though, he doesn't want to be impolite.


~Magical Items~

(The only people that have ever known of any of his weapons are dead now so try asking them)

By: Michael (Dyne Bloodbane, Blaze Starstrike)