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(Dyne Bloodbane; created and played by Michael)




Dyne is handsome, about 7'1 and with long brown
hair hanging all the way down to his heels. He
has his hair tied in a ponytail as he doesn't
want it to come in the way of the vampire
slaying. He inherited his charm and beauty from
his mother. He has a black cloak with red edges
and black clothes on him. His sword, The Vampire
Slayer hangs always by his side waiting to be
used. He has also a pet, the Hawk "Blue". The
hawk is always sitting on his shoulder if he is
with him. Sometimes Blue can fly away to look for
food and company but he always returns to his



Dyne was a child of a Silvanesti elf female. When
he was 10 years old a vampire named Slav came to
his village. He burned it to the ground and
killed Dyne's mother in front of his eyes. After
the murder he attacked Dyne sucking his blood.
Dyne was killed during this attack and rose 3
days later as a vampire. His only memory was then
the murder of his mother. He wandered for a long
time building his hatred against vampires and at
last met a vampire hunter. The hunter almost
killed him but realised that this wasn't an
ordinary vampire. He taught the little boy the
arts of swordplay and harnessing the fire magic.
He also taught him about the ways of a vampire
hunter. On his 18:th birthday he got his
sword "The Vampire Slayer". Then he went out in
the world to seek out vampires and kill them. The
first vampire that fell victim to his slaying was
the same vampire that cursed him with this form
and killed his mother, noone less than Slav.
After killing Dyne took Slav's cloak and left his
mansion. He is still hunting vampires and killing
them. He holds a great feeling of disgust and
hatred towards all of his brethren, he hopes one
day that he will awenge his mother by destroying
the very essence of all vampires.


~Special Properties~

Since Dyne hated vampires and trained as a slayer in his young years he has become somewhat resistant to sunlight and holy symbols. He is still VERY weak in sunlight but would win over a normal vampire. And his holy symbol tolerance gives him the power to look at the symbols, but he still is in pain if he touches one.


~Newest Info~

His feelings are -very- mixed right now. He seems to show some affection towards Shasta Firewall. He almost seems -in love- with her.


~Name of Magical Item~


Bastard sword +2 + 1d6 fire damage "The Bloodbane"

A bastard sword worth it's name. It has taken countless lives and continues to do so while in Dyne's possesion. It even has a 1d6 fire damage with each sucessful blow.

Black Cloak "The Night Flier"

This cloak got its
name from its ability to make the user melt into
the night. The user can decide to use this
ability or not, when used it serves as
invisibility (only at night) and can be dispelled
by the ordinary dispelling spells. The
invisibility stops after the user does a
offensive action (defensive actions as heal and
noncombat actions as running don't affect the
cloak's ability).

Whistle "Animal Friend"

This whistle serves
only to call on Blue. It can be used anywhere and
at any time, blowing it brings no noise since it
is a magical whistle.


By: Michael (Dyne Bloodbane, Blaze Starstrike)