The Awards Page
So you have a RPG related page? You want publicity and an award? Well then you have come to the right section. Here you can post your URL and I will check your homepage out and decide which of the following awards your page is worth.

Awarded Pages
Page Name Webmaster
Cleft of Dimension     (guess which...) "GREAT RPG PAGE"


Fantasy Software        "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2 again...)


Black Ice Games           "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2)


OologahQ's Homepage "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2)


Dragon Shadow          "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2)

Dragon Shadow

SNBM Software         "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2)


RPG Kingdom             "GREAT RPG PAGE" (No.2)

Cloud Sama


Average RPG page with some good sections

Great RPG page with a lot of great RPG stuff but something is missing...

Awesome! One of the best there is! Has it all and more!