-The Contest-

Getting interested? Well you should be. Here your game can compete in a contest for the "Best Custom Game" title. But this contest isn't decided by me. People may apply for it (not the authors of the games) and test them and give me ratings of them. Then the highest rated game will get the title. A new contest will happen every time I get three E-mails that tell that your game should enter the contest. So there is a contest for every three games. And the old winners will be here forever. But I haven't got any E-mails about the contest so there is no contest in motion. Start sending in games!

There is one game so far in the contest, and maybe two more are coming up, but I need more games, so send 'em in!
Name of Game in contest Author

Temple of the Druids

Dragon Shadow

Gems of Infinity- By Luke Acha

Luke Acha

Ninja Gaiden RPG


Suzume: Mysterious Sunrise