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This is a page with the goal of bringing all the RPG authors all they need. Especially reviews, contests and awards for your games. Here you can send in your game to me Paladin and I will review it, post it on my homepage and do this the same day I get the game on. I will try to be as fast as possible to bring you all a quality RPG service. Here there will be no more waiting for reviews, you can be almost sure that the next day your game and review will be up. so why go somewhere else when this place is all a RPG author needs? Our motto is "Speed, Quality & Effectiveness". So the next time you have a game for reviewing, send it to the Pandora's Box!

(Notice: All of you that have send me RPG maker games over E-mail have to upload them somewhere on the net or send them to rpg_reviews@yahoo.com  , it is better that you upload them somewhere since it is as fast as sending it over E-mail. So all of you that have send me anything (exe, zip etc.) over E-mail will have to upload it or send it to the other address. WARNING the other address is only for RPG games, any regular letters that are send to rpg_reviews@yahoo.com will be totally ignored!)

I have now made a new way of uploading your games. Go to Members' Area and enter the following:
Password: brasssheep55
Login Name: rpg_reviews

(You have to click on the File Manager link to the left to get to the upload function, and don't forget to send a E-mail after uploading so I know that your game is there)

All of you that know how to upload files to a server do it here and if you don't succeed then E-mail it to me on the following address.

(1/8) No I am not dead and some other stuff...

Well no I am not dead is is only that I haven't got any games to review or other stuff to do... Actually I'll go upload some midis tomorrow and some more utils. The review of Legacy (My game) is done now, (it is by Vortex, the other one by Slade is incorrect) So look at the review on the Reviews section. Well that is all for today, and another reminder, all RM 95 questions should be send directly to Vortex. Not to me, and I'll have a vote now... I happen to know the location of the 100% Secret of Mana 2 translation, so I wonder if I should post it. E-mail me with your opinion.

(27/6) I have added some links

A few links have been added on the links section. And my new E-mail address is still: MatrixNeo33@Hotmail.com.

(26/7) I have sever E-mai problems and have to change address...

Now my E-mail address is changed and is MatrixNeo33@Hotmail.com, resend all recent two day e-mails to that address.

(24/7) I am back and ready to go!

I didn't have time to post that I was on vacation the last time I went off, but I am back now and I'll go upload all the things needed and answer all the E-mails in my mailbox.

(18/7) A new game of the month 

A new game of the month is announced. Go look at it.

(17/7) Just some errors fixed, still waiting for more reviews...

Well as you see my internet works now again so I can update. First I have made some errors fixed on the various section. And I want you all to know that Game of The Month will be announced when all the new games come in. Well that is all.

(15/7) A midi set is up...

A midi set is up on the midis page. Go look at it. Well that's all.

(14/7) One more review and some sound sets...

I have uploaded another review of Destiny and also I have made some sounds. Check them out at the Midis section. There are sounds for those moments when the RM95 sound doesn't cut it. Something every RM95 author must have!

(13/7) Another review and more to come...

I think I can say that we are back to normal now. A review by Slade is up, it is the update of Suzume: Mysterious Sunrise. The review is in the same place as the old version. Go look at it on the Reviews section.

(12/7) A review is up and there is more to come...

Well things are slowly coming back into work, so here is a review and one or two reviews will be uploaded tomorrow.

(11/7) I'm back, it is a little important so read it

Well as you can see I'm back early so I'm open for E-mails and other stuff again. But all the E-mails that you sended to me in thursday, friday or over the weekend have to be re-sended. Well that's all. It's nice to be back :)

9/7 A little break...

Well I'm off to my cousins in another town to stay for the weekend. So I'm writing this with a 10 minute deadline. So I must hurry. I will not respond to any E-mails nor requests until Monday. So if anything is urgent send it to Vortex, he is on the Staff section. And this is a message to all my reviewers: All reviews that you have finished and sended to me today or yesterday will have to be re-sended to Vortex for him to put them up. So see you all on Monday!

7/7 - 99  More Reviews

I have added two reviews this morning. The first is a review on Tom's Destiny, and Quest for Magi.  Both are worth giving a shot at playing.  I might have a review of Phoenix Knight up later.


6/7 - 99  The new look is uploaded and this is the first update

So welcome to the new Pandora's Box, this is only for 1024x768 so far but I am making a non resolution dependent page. Anyway, I hope that you like the new look. Feel free to say what you think of it.