The RPG maker download

The RPG maker 95 download is illegal. Since ASCII caught Kanji Hack with the translation the project stopped and it got illegal (actually it was illegal even before they caught Khack). So by downloading it you commit a crime! You will not hold me nor anyone else that is at the Pandora's Box responsible for anything you do at this section!

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(Only the Ascii made tilesets are up for the moment, but send your own tilesets in and I'll post them)
Name ofTileset Author Description

Acsii #1


A map set made by Ascii

Ascii #2


Another map set made by Ascii

Ascii #3


A Character set made by Ascii

Paladin's Monster Set


A Enemy Set made by Paladin (Not so good, from various Squaresoft games)

RPGEH's Monster set


A good enemy set, it is actually well made but has some small glitches.

RPGEH's Monster set 2


Similar to the above, but a little better.

Oologahq's Tilesets (Thanx Oologahq)
Tileset name Description
Warhammer: Dark Omen

Enemy Set

Shining Force

Enemy Set

Cyberstorm Hercs

Enemy Set


Enemy Set

Shining Force 2  

Enemy Set


Combat Background


Combat Background


Magic Animation


Magic Animation

Cloud's Tilesets
Tileset name Description

Mixed Tiles

Map set

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Name of Manual/FAQ Author

Online Manual


RPG maker manual


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Name of File Description

RPG Maker fully translated Magic.dat

All the magic spells explained (directly from my game) Just extract the file to your game directory and you will have all the spells translated.

RPG Maker fully translated Strings.dat

All the text strings and commands in the program. Just extract the file to your game directory and you will have all the strings translated.

RPG Maker 95 100% Translation

The RPG maker 95 exe full translation! Made by: Miguello and his URL is:

The WinRAR Program

Needed to open the 100% translation!

Pre-patched RPGMaker 95

The pre-patched version with all you need to make your own RPG's

Kanji Hack RM95 patch

The patch that has to be made on a Japanese RPG maker 95


Games and the RPG maker 95 itself requires this file to run. It comes packed in the RPG maker 95 zip file. (You have to put the unlha32.dll in your windows/system directory)

Super Dante RPG maker

The first RPG maker made by ASCII, is is a snes rom.

Super Dante RPG maker 2

The second in the snes series. Better than Dante RPG maker 1

RPG Maker 95 *.exe file

This is only the *.exe file of RPG maker 95

RPG maker 95 sound files

These are the various SFX that are included in the pre-patched version