Ms.X: hello naughty

Neo0033: *grins* Mistress... *bows*

Ms.X: now, what was the new idea you had?

Neo0033: *hmms* Well actually, it was pretty played over yesterday... But we can try anyway if ya think it's ok. I was thinking the father and the
daughter or something. A little incest perhaps? *hehs*

Ms.X: well, we did do that....unless you wanted me to be Nina this time

Neo0033: *hmms* Yes as I said we did do it... But if you are Nina *Grins* I suck at playing women... *thinks* And we maybe can get a more
-different- start. But do ya have any ideas?

Ms.X: ok... *smiles, will play Nina*

Neo0033: *laughs* Its for the best. *goes into char*

Ms.X: hey dad! I'm home from school!

Neo0033: Oh Nina, hello. How did it go?

Ms.X: today was good! I had a blast!

Neo0033: you did? what did you do?

Ms.X: I cut all my classes and hung out in the locker room

Neo0033: *acks and stands up* What! You skipped class! And in the locker room!

Ms.X: yeah?

Ms.X: so what?

Neo0033: SO WHAT!? *walks over to her* Go to your room young lady! *grabs her arm*

Ms.X: hey! let go!

Neo0033: *drags her all the way to the stairs* Think about what you have done in your room!

Ms.X: so what if I had sex in there last week!? it doesn't matter!

Neo0033: Of course it does! It's unnaceptable that you skip class just to fuck some idiot in a locker room! *drags her slowly up the stairs*

Ms.X: I wasn't fucking in the locker room! I was just smoking!

Neo0033: SMOKING! WHAT THE! *drags her to her door* Now you will be grounded for the rest of your life!

Ms.X: hey! wait a minute! that isn't fair! you smoke all the time!

Neo0033: So? I'm older! *drags her inside to her bed*

Ms.X: not that much older! I'm 15 dad! you can't control my life, dammit!

Neo0033: Of course I can! Just watch me! *throws her in her bed, but looses his balance and happens to fall on top of her*

Ms.X: dad, get OFF me! *pushes him*

Neo0033: *gets up* sorry about that... *she notices that his cock is seen clearly through his jogging pants*

Ms.X: yeah, right. maybe you'd prefer if I dressed like one of your goddamn hookers you're always bringing home...

Neo0033: What? How do you know abou- *pauses* It's not fair you know... *realises his cock is rock hard and blushes just a little*

Ms.X: what isn't fair? that you can smoke, but I can't?

Neo0033: No... *looks her over, realises his daughter really is sexy*

Ms.X: what?

Neo0033: *shakes head* Listen... I might be able to loosen your punishment a little...

Ms.X: you COULD not punish me at all

Neo0033: But to do that you would have to do something for me no?

Ms.X: I don't see why, dad...

Neo0033: But because you skipped school!

Ms.X: so what?

Neo0033: *is a little angry now* You seem to forget that it is a bad thing... *grabs one of her hands* And now I'll punish you for your ignorance!

Ms.X: leggo! you always skipped!

Neo0033: No! *drags her to the floor* Kneel!

Ms.X: *is pushed*

Ms.X: OW! dammit, dad!

Neo0033: Kneed I said!

Neo0033: Kneel

Ms.X: *kneels, really pissed off* fuck you, dad

Neo0033: Oh no... *grins* The opposite -dear-... *he grabs her head and holds it in front of his cock* Now dear... You know what to do...

Ms.X: no way! you're my dad, asshole!

Neo0033: Do it! Or else... *hods her head firmly*

Ms.X: alright! fine! *licks his head*

Neo0033: *looks at her, arches a brow* That the best you can do? I was thinking that with all those guys sneaking in here at night you would at least
be experienced...

Ms.X: what do you want? *takes him all the way in and sucks him hard*

Neo0033: *moans* That's better. Much better, I knew you could do it. *grins as her looks at her head sucking his cock*

Ms.X: *bobs fast, sucking up and down, licking too*

Neo0033: *clenches his hands around her head* I'm sorry for my words, you are really good at this... *grins* So you want me to shoot your mouth full

Ms.X: *nods, licking and sucking*

Neo0033: *he starts to tremble all over as his cock pulsates heavily, he moans loudly and cums in a gigantic orgasm*

Ms.X: *starts swallowing, still sucking and licking as sum cum drips down*

Neo0033: *moans one last time* You really are good, I think we can lower the grounding by two days. *grins and takes his cock out of her mouth*
Now it's your turn. Lay down on the bed.

Ms.X: *lies down, opening her legs a bit*

Neo0033: *follows her down and kneels between her legs, with his hands he wanders up her skirt and explores, then he slowly lifts up her skirt over
her thighs and reveals her panties* So do you want it? *leans down and kisses her all around her pussy with her panties still on, but not doing
anything to her pussy*

Ms.X: oh yeah... I want some.... I'll call one of my boyfreinds over....

Neo0033: *arches a brow* Oh? *smiles as he continues, but lets his fingers slide around her panties and slowly takes them off* What a nice and tight
looking little cave... *leans in closer and playfully licks her clit and slides his tongue up and down over her pussy*

Ms.X: ooh! *moans* or maybe I'll let you do it...

Neo0033: Maybe you should... *slowly sticks his whole tongue up her pussy, lets his right hand slide over her stomach and reaching her bra, grabs it
and almost tears it off revealing her tits*

Ms.X: OH! *pushes his face in with a free hand* Daddy!

Neo0033: *grins as he continues the tongue treatment, allows his free hand to wander to her clit and massage it* You seem to like it... *his hand that
is playing with her tits grabs her right nipple and slowly and gently pinches and strokes it*

Ms.X: *arces her back, stroking his head and squeezing her own free breast moaning*

Neo0033: I'll take that as a yes... *moves his mouth up to her clit and slowly licks it while his fingers wander to her pussy and penetrate her, he sucks
on her clit and licks it gently as his other hand clenches her right tit holding it firmly*

Ms.X: Dad... where's dyne? what if... he finds us?

Neo0033: *smiles at her comment* your door is locked, and if he finds us he might as well join us... hehe... *stops licking her clit and fingerfucking
her, his free hand still on her tit*

Ms.X: dad... I want your cock.... *opens her legs wider* ram me...

Neo0033: *grins* I thought you would never ask. *grins as he leans in, his cock evern harder than before and pulsating heavily, he grabs her legs and
spreads them more, then his cock slowly rubs against her clit before he enters her*

Ms.X: harder! *moans and thrusts against his hips*

Neo0033: *lets her legs go and grabs her tits as he goes faster and harder into her, his cock pulsating inside her*

Ms.X: *is nice and tight and pulsing* oh daddy! I'm gonna cum!

Neo0033: Be my guest. It won't be long until I cum inside you. *goes faster and faster, moves one of his hands down to her clit and rubs it, his other
hand wanders to one of her legs and raises them* You are really daddy's little girl.

Ms.X: yes! *cums, her pussy making his hard cock all sticky and wet*

Neo0033: *shortly thereafter dad raises the tempo and in one powerful thrust fills her with his warm cum, moans loudly* Oh you are so good! I'm glad
you are my little girl.

Ms.X: *rolls one of her tits up to her face and licks her nipple* who says I'm little....

Neo0033: *grins and takes out his cock* Noone dear, it's a figure of speech. *looks at his cock* Oh... he is all sticky, could you help me with that?

Ms.X: *leans over and licks it* mmm mmm... *takes it all in, sucking it clean*

Neo0033: *moans again* enough... you have swallowed enough... *lies down on the floor and looks at her* Come Nina, time to have a father-daughter

Ms.X: *lies on top of him, her tits in his face* what is it?

Neo0033: *licks her tits unable to speak, sucks and licks her nipples, his right hand slides over her back and grabs her left asscheek, he massages it
as he licks her tits*

Ms.X: *arches her back and lifts her tits* what is it, dad?

Neo0033: I'm gonna teach you how a real man feels... *smiles as he steers his cock to her pussy, but not letting it in yet, just rubbing her clit. his
hands slide to her tits and grab them*

Neo0033: (what a real man feels like rather)

Ms.X: but you just did, daddy...
wasn't the best I've had, tho...

Neo0033: Oh really? Then we have to change it don't we? *grins as he shoves his whole big cock into her pussy and clenching her tits, starts humping
upwards slowly* That better?

Ms.X: I like it in my ass more... make them feel even bigger

Neo0033: *grins and shoves it out* Then how would you like it? *strokes her tits* On all four?

Ms.X: oh yeah... *gets on the bed on all fours*

Neo0033: *grins and is not late to follow, kneels behind her and spreads her legs*

Ms.X: yeah.... go on, dad

Neo0033: *sees that her ass will be really tight since his cock is so big, he slowly step by step steers the thing inside her, it's very tight bu at last he
manages to steer it in totally* finally... a tight little motherfucker... *grins*

Ms.X: I only did that once... *pouts*

Neo0033: too bad... *grins as he starts fucking her, it's really tight and he starts moaning right away*

Ms.X: oh yeah dad! harder! *tightens*

Neo0033: *goes faster and harder inside her, moans at her asshole* You are so tight! I can see that you haven't done this often!

Ms.X: oh no... I do this alot...
I was only a motherfucker once...

Neo0033: With who if I may ask?? *goes even harder, moans really loud, is extremely near climax*

Ms.X: mom. before she left, anyway.she told me what a good hard fuck her new boyfreind is... *is trying to make him mad* she said he's alot better than you

Neo0033: Oh really? *thrusts into her really hard* Maybe we should drop her a visit. *fucks her fast and really hard* No?

Ms.X: maybe.... oh! harder!

Neo0033: Harder you say? *goes even more violent as his free hand massages her tits, his other hand slides down to her pussy and penetrates it*

Ms.X: yes! oh god! *cums on his fingers, moaning* oh dad! yes!

Neo0033: *moans as he soon after her cums inside her tight little ass* My god! *moans for a good while* That was the tightest ass ever!

Ms.X: ooh! daddy!!! *purrs and leans down on the bed, her ass still in the air*

Neo0033: *lays down besides her, all worn out* I'm sorry dear. I'm a little too old... *grins* I have to go down and make lunch.

Ms.X: you didn't get enough? *turns over* you wanna eat more?

Neo0033: *laughs* not me... your brother is probably still hungry. *stands up and puts on his pants*

Ms.X: send him in, then...

Neo0033: *arches a brow* Oh really? (sorry I gtg now, will you be on in about 2 hours?)

Ms.X: (maybe)

Neo0033: (Ok, bye then!)

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