Lothlorien Winterbow
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(Elven Ranger LV.7)


STR. 18/98
DEX. 16
CON. 15
INT. 15
WIS. 9
CHA. 15


The Black Leaf ranger Lothlorien, called Loth by his friend is a lonewolf that enjoys company. He has never commited to anyone but still likes good drink and pleasant company. He came from a wealthy elven family but left in his quest to preserve nature. He loves the nature but not as much as an ordinary ranger. His heart lies with the winds of adventure and he would anyday follow anyone just to get the thrill of an adventure. There was a woman he actually had some feelings for, but that is long forgotten and he won't try to bring it up. So don't ask him. He is never late to help a damsel in distress (even if the males he sees in distress can wait a while). He is a neutral character and can decide wether to help or not. He is specialised with the Long Bow and the Spear.
He doesn't hate the vampires as others do. He beleives that they have their own place in nature's cycle. He dislikes their methods of feeding, but... That's the law of the jungle...
He enjoys talking to other rangers about their efforts to preserve mother nature, he feels like he can reach out to a ranger more than he can to some other class.



He only wears a studded leather armor +1 due to increased manouverability and because it looks better than the chainmail. He has long hair tied in a ponytail and deep green eyes. He moves as a dancer and if he wants he talks like a bard. He is friendly in his manners and harsh in his judgements.


~Magical Items~

Lothlorien owns only(?) three magical items. These he uses to preserve nature and to protect the ones he loves.

Moonbow (Long Bow +1) A bow said to be crafted by an elven blacksmith in Genna village near the mountains. He was very inspired by the moon and one night crafted this bow in the moonlight. It is assumed that this bow grants the wielder great stealth skills in the dark and also the ability to not be seen by infravision.
Eye of Tiger (Spear +1, Fire damage +1d6) The spear here was made of several parts from the dragon stones found in Lothloriens possesions. These stones do nothing unless crafted into weapons like these. A save vs. magic throw is throws when fire damage is to be iunflicted. If sucessful then the fire deals only 1hp damage.
Studded Leather Armor (blessed +1, +1 bonus all saving throws)



By: Michael (Dyne Bloodbane, Blaze Starstrike, Pesmerga)