Avi Utilities
Name of Avi maker Description

Ulead GIF Animator 3.0a

A good Avi, gif ani, and much more maker. (That sounded strange didn't it?) Well just try it and see.

HyperCam 1.34

Also a very useful Avi maker, something you must try!

Adobe After Effects 4.0

Woohoo! This my friends is great, it can change and add special effects to already finished Avi movies! Great eh? Try it!

3D Impact! Pro 1.25

Also a great Avi maker but it is only shareware... Buhu...

3DEM 7.0.4

RECOMMENDED! This program is totally free and can make flybys and other cool things, and it saves them as Avi!

Avi Constructor

A shareware Avi maker program. It makes Avi movies for your games. It is pretty simple to use.

Personal Avi Editor

Also a Avi maker that isn't as crippled as the one above but more difficult to use.