Review of The Ten Fangs

Created by Mr. X

Reviewed by Vortex

I wasn't all too impressed with this game's story and design. The game starts with Byron, who is some sort of servant for King Soll. He calls for you and asks you to save his son because he went to the training grounds.... Yeah. The King is so worried about him leaving the castle that, when you save him and bring him back, he sends the prince with Byron to find out why the King's brother stopped the trade with him... Change of heart on the King's half?

The design was unbalanced, the spell that Byron starts with is way too powerful, while his other attacks are about right. Buying any equipment seemed useless in this game. It doesn't make much of a difference.

Okay, the rest of the game seemed pretty good. The tiles were good, I was happy to see some original ones as well as old ones. The tiles could be used to make better looking scenery but that's okay, nothing extreme. There was no opening scene which really lowered my impression on the game.

I did come across a few bugs. Like if you need an item and don't have it, it won't let you pass, but if you do have the item, it won't let you pass unless you try it twice. This should be fixed, I spent a minute or so trying to figure this out.

I was impressed because not only was the music original but the sound effects as well. Though some of it got annoying because the battle SFX can be annoying and the overworld music doesn't change when you enter towns, and usually I like to hear different types of music. Now let's see what the game's ratings are...

Bugs and Glitches: Yes, that one where you have to try twice when you have an item. 65%

Music and SFX: I was fairly impressed with the originality of it but that overworld music is played in towns also and the battle SFX get annoying. 87%

Tiles: Most were original, and they were pretty good but could be better. 80%

Other GFX: Sorry, I didn't see any (make an opening scene!). 0%

Cutscenes*: Ehh, they were all pretty average. 65%

Story & Plot: Pretty strange if you ask me. There are some odd twists and the story wasn't that interesting anyway. 40%

Game Design: Pretty off balanced. This needs some work. 35%

Overall: Good game, fix it up and send it back. 53%

Comments: It was nice, but put in a good opening scene, fix the bugs, a few other things, and your ratings will be a lot better.

* - I do not refer to AVIs (they would be an extra), I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.