[Pesmerga - Honor the Blade]

Pesmerga - The lone knight of the Howling Voice


STR. 18/00
DEX. 15
CON. 17
INT. 13
WIS. 6
CHA. 12


Nothing was known about Pesmerga the first time he entered the tavern. Still nothing is known... but a few people can tell you small fragments of his history. He is a silent character and always wears the same shining black armor. On his head he has a totally black helmet and only his eyes, nose mouth and chin can be seen. His trusty sword 'Black Bane' is always by his side. When he walks into the room you can almost feel his power. Although he seldomly fights you know feel that he is very strong. He has never used magic and noone really knows if he is able to. Also, noone has ever seen him sleep or eat. If you make him mad (which is really hard since he really doesn't care if you insult him) he will attack you. He is awfully silent and is among other people seldomly. Noone knows why, some say that he even isn't from this world... or reality... If you ever become something near a friend to him you can be sure that he will support you in bad and good times. He wanders around Krynn on a mission of some kind that also noone knows about. And if you ask him he won't tell you.



His eyes are deep blue. If you gaze into them for a while you can almost understand the things he has seen. Once glance at him makes you feel little and unsignificant. He has long blonde hair peering out of his helmet and ends about 2 inches below his shoulders. He moves graciously and awfully silent for someone with that much armor.


~Magical Items~

There are only three items that he wears that are commonly known, and feared. He may have other items but probably if you try to find out you will be killed.

Black Bane (Bastard Sword +1) This is a remarkable sword, it has magical properties noone knows about and it seems to shift color with Pesmerga's mood. If he is angry the sword will be a dark red colour. If he is normal it will be as black as the night and if he is joyful it will shift to the dark grey colour a bastard sword really is.
Dark Protector (Medium Shield +1/+3 vs. missile weapons) This shield is also pitch black as the Black Bane, but it doesn't shift colors. It has some kind of reflection enchanted upon it and it only appears on Pesmerga's left hand when he wants it to.
Night Breeze (Black Cloak) This cloak is very strange, and aura of power eminates from it but noone knows what it can do. And as everyone can recall Pesmerga has never used it for anything but to wear it. It might be it that is silencing his moves, but who knows?


By: Michael (Dyne Bloodbane, Blaze Starstrike, Pesmerga)