Review: Dark Tech

By: ??

Reviewed by: Paladin

Now listen well, this game's graphics sucks! The houses are poorly made and there are glitches everywhere. Nothing for sore eyes as grandma used to say. The only good looking thing in this game are the enemies. They are pretty original. A lot of them are made by the author (or ripped off some other game :) and they actually look pretty good. so the only reason why this game didn't get 40% or lower is because of the enemies. And as a plus to the minus side you have the (or rather you don't have) the sound. No sound except for the combat music, and it sucks. Well it is original at least. No ripoff here! But anyway nothing to listen to. This game really doesn't have a story that hangs together. There is no intro except for a skeleton that gets the mission to destroy "the Apollo Force" and the continue of the story comes when you read a history book. This story is really bad but original. Nothing in the game makes you play it for long and I wanted to quit after 2 min. of play. (Actually the demo isn't more than 10 minuter tops, if you aren't using the invincibility cheat:) No bugs and nothing that crashes, but one thing. When you encounter a enemy you have to press the confirm button to meet the enemy. Maybe you only have to wait long for the enemy to appear but if goes faster when you press 'confirm'. So this rate is pretty high. Well so far this game is nothing to have. Maybe sometime in the future this game will be something. But for now, zilch, nada, nuttin'. And the game is actually 1.9Mb. I have seen longer and better games with smaller size. So I really don't think that this is something to download. I suggest to the author (whoever he may be, his name dosen't say in the demo) to make a more serious game and put more work into it. That's all folks!

The overallt percent:
Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: I didn't notice some bugs, but there were plenty of glitches, alot of 'em really. Not good for the game image, and the game didn't crash. 70%
In game music and SFX: No music and no SFX except for the ones in the battles, a big downlet. 0%
Character & BG Graphics: What more can I say except for that he is using the original tilesets. Not that you can't make a nice game with them, it is just that the other tilesets out there can be so much better 
looking. 40%
Cutscenes: Zilch 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: There is no catchable plot or an intro except for the previously mentioned skeleton. Sorry no big scores here. 50%

Comments to the author:

Nah... drop the project, make a new game and please fix the graphics and the plot. If you do this you might make a much better game. The rest is to be seen, if you decide to make a new game then send it to me and I'll check it out.

Score of game: 50%

- Paladin