Author: Paladin Phantom Snake

Reviewed by: Slade

This is the second review for destiny, and I can with a clear
conscience say that it is REALLY improved!
Everything that I complained about was fixed, I'm just sorry
the demo ended!
Text within [ ] is from the first review

Intro: from (35%) to (60%)
[In my opinion, there was no real intro, just credits, and four or
five lines of text.
The 35% comes from the cool credit-pictures.]
The intro was longer now, and the background was told much better.

Graphics: from (70%) to (90%)
[With the exception of a couple of tiles, all I can say is DEFAULT,
And to make things worse, at some locations, the tiles were really abused,
like the fact that the "snowy trees" had a different snow behind them then the
snowy ground, thus creating a horrible line around every tree.
Also, mixing characters from different character-sets is not a good idea,
since some characters were huge in comparison to the others.
My suggestion is: Stick to characters that look alike in proportion!
However, not all was bad, I REALLY liked the bats, they were AWESOME!
Not that they were graphically spectacular, but they REALLY set the
mood for the cave!]
Bats are even better!!! Now, they are Graphically spectacular! YES!!
Tiles were fixed, characters were exchanged, everything looked nicer.

Cutscenes: frmo (0%) to (0%)
[None, but of course this doesn't affect the overall score!]
This was the only element really preventing me from giving the game 100%, I
will never give 100% to a game without AVI.

Sounds: frmo (70%) to (75%)
[The sounds in the game were great! but the fact that ALL of the music was ripped
off from known games, like Final Fantasy, and Tales of destiny, I cannot give
it more than 70%]
This time, I'm pretty sure you switched some music, since I felt the music better
fit in, but I don't think you changed the soundeffects that much.

Story/Plot: frmo (65%) to (70%)
[Okay, okay, the story isn't original at all, your father, who is the greatest hero
ever, dies, and you have to save the world.
Also, the presence of five crystals, which you have to liberate from the forces
of evil, seems awfully familiar.]
The story was explained a little bit more, so I like it better.

Playability/Bugs: frmo (50%) to (80%)
[There were no MAJOR bugs, but here and there I found annoying bits, like the difficulty.
In the beginning of the game, enemies were REALLY difficult, and came in hordes,
overwhelming you, and later, your characters became too powerful.
The variation of enemies was lousy, at each location, I encountered one group of enemies,
and after a while, that gets tiresome.
Also, I have 2 questions:
1, WHY can you get unlimited apples in the first house? and
2, WHAT are the apples for?]
All of these were fixed, so I guess I have real influence on the authors I review,
and that's GREAT, because then the level of quality in games increase!
(At least this game =) )
BUT STILL, all things are unsearchable...

Final Score: frmo (55%) to (90%)
[Mediocre game, but lots of room for improvement.]
WOW, and I mean wow, all of the bugs were removed, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
You MUST mail me and tell me what the "hmm, mysterious" rock does!!!!
Otherwise, I will summon my little demons upon thee to haunt thy every step, thy every
breath, thy every living moment, and they will poke thee with mighty tiny tridents,
and thou will suffer the agony of my foul curse, and you don't want that, do you?
hrm, yes, now, back to reality, please mail me...