Reviewed game: Dragon King

Made by: couldn't find a name

Made in: RPG Maker 95

Format: Gamedisk

Reviewed by: Paladin

Well what can you say about the graphics? Well a little bad but it is not the tilesets I'm complaining on, but it is the many glitches that show up here and there. the town looks pretty bad and the other aspects too. The only customized thing in the game is that the original dragon is repainted to green. The in game music is good and some parts are ripoffs but some are actually pretty original. I like it, but this game lacks something (can't anyone make a perfect game with both SFX and music?) no sound effects. So I'm sorry not a full score there. And 'bout the plot and story, there is little info about the characters and a not so good intro make this game kinda boring at the end (not that the demo was long). Improvement here is actually needed. More action in the dialouges and in the events. something more plot like and not so straightforward. There is a big bug in the game. Actually there are several. Now when you encounter an enemy you have to press the talk/search button to actually fight it. And after a few enemies the game music stops. No music at all. This I do not know how to fix. And after the music has stopped you have to wait 3 sec when you see how much money you got after a battle until you can go on playing. Three very big bugs. The game is repairable but for now maybe not so good. It seems that the game ends after you defeat the evil dragon king. This would then be the shortest RPG in history. Big plus, this guy made a gamedisk!

The overallt percent:
Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: The in-game music stops after a few fights and you have to press the confirm button to actually encounter a enemy. 50%
In game music and SFX: There is music but actually no SFX, or at last I didn't hear anything
Character & BG Graphics: The original tilesets and the original characters, this is getting kinda tiresome. 70%
Cutscenes: Nada 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: No actual intro but there is a plot (kinda) but the character is pretty unknows and it's a little lame. 60%

Comments to the author:

Spend more time with the RPG maker, and take time to make a better and more detailed game, if you do that then you might get a higher score for this one, the best thig to do is to make a new game that you become serious about. 

Score of game: 65%

- Paladin