Review of Dragon King

Created by Rmcqui

By Vortex774

The first thing I noticed (other than the lack of a 'full' opening scene) is that you have to push Return to actually start a battle. That should be taken care of, because it is quite annoying. The game was too easy. I blew through the entire game easily. The levels came too quickly, and battles were fought too often. There should be a larger variety of enemies to fight, other than Blue Slimes, Red Slimes, and Dark Lions. That got quite annoying. And why wasn't I allowed to enter those other towns? Towns are used quite often to give a part of the storyline, and the storyline wasn't too complex, so everything was told in the first town. Finally, the ending was bad. After you kill the dragon, the game ends. There should be a final scene.

Enough critisism, now for the nice comments. The tilesets were used to the best, the graphics kept me playing the game, even though the world could have been larger, I enjoyed what was there.

Bugging and Glitching: Only one, the bug that makes me press Enter before continuing with a battle. 75%

Music and SFX: Nice music, but the level up music was lacking, and there were no sound effects. 30%

Tiles: Nicely done, they were great! 95%

Other GFX: There were no graphics other than the tile graphics. 0%

Cutscenes*: 0%

Story & Plot: The story was too simple and unoriginal. I am sure you could have done better. 40%

Game Design: Too many battles, can't get into towns, not much challenge. 45%

Overall: It wasn't too great, you could have done better. 41% Overall

Comments: Do everything as nice as the graphic and I would never stop playing. Please, create another game, but add a little more/better sound and plot. The game seem rushed to me.

* - I do not refer to AVIs (they would be an extra), I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.