Review of Dragon Warrior Remake

Created by Luke

Reviewed by Vortex

When you hear the name of the game you can't help but think "Dragon Warrior on RM95? Is that possible?" Well, there can be, and it is being worked on, sorta. The game looks a lot like Dragon Warrior from the NES, but not completely. The towns look a little off. The world map looks really great though. It is exactly like the map from DW.

The monsters are taken from the standard set, so even though these monsters don't look like those from DW, they attack the same, and give the same rewards, and cast the same spells. Luke did a nice job bringing back this NES classic, though it's only a demo right now.

Bugging and Glitching: No glitches that I found. 100%

Music and SFX: Nice music -and- sound effects, even though they weren't the same as ones in DW. 80%

Tiles: The tiles were nicely done! 95%

Other GFX: No other GFX in this game. 0%

Cutscenes*: None to be found. 0%

Story & Plot: Kinda unoriginal, I mean, a hero saves the princess. But it's Enix's fault. 50%

Game Design: A few misplacements. But overall a nice replica of Dragon Warrior 80%

Overall: Nicely rewritten, but need a little work in some areas. 58%

Comments - Luke, I am sure that you will make improvements. Some bad grades were Enix's fault, some yours. Send me the newest version, when finished. I graded this on the game, not comparing to DW on NES.

* - I do not refer to AVIs (they would be an extra), I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.