Reviewed game: Eclipse

Made by: Weeve73

Made in: RPG Maker 95

Reviewed by: Paladin

The game starts good with a good and moody intro with good background music. Then your town gets attacked (very well done) and you have to escape after a (relative?) get's killed. Now the intro is very good and the game has a good idea but the idea itself is a little bad displayed, and there are graphic glitches everywhere, a lot of blue stuff. Use events. And there is a bug merely in the beginning, when you get to the elders house you can't open the treasure chests and there are a lot of glitches in the beginning town. And if you are running the gamedisk the game crashes after you try to enter the mines. Then I opened the game in RPG maker 95 and it worked. Then in the mines after you have told the miner what has hapened you can't see the door that leads out of the room behind him. I had to go into RPG maker and look for the door. And then comes a good plot, I liked the idea of the town being attacked and you have to escape (not that it's very original). Good planning, but a whole lot of graphic glitches. After the mines you meet a camper who tells about the attackers called WINGS and takes the plot further. I loved the flashbacks and the memories, and later when she and the guy talked under the stars... that scene was wonderful, but that mountain disturbed me, it didn't seem to fit in... Ahh nevermind. But the demo was pretty short but good, the music wasn't a lot of ripoffs, some were from FF games and others were hard to reckognize. But it was a good piece of work and with a little graphic adjustement and care about the mian characters this game could be a big shot! But it is good and I think that this game is worth downloading. 

The overallt percent:
Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: Oh man... a lot of bugs, the gamedisk dosen't work after you have left the elders house so you have to use the *.rpg file and run it from RPG maker. Some entrances in the mines were wrong and there are a lot og graphic glitches. 50%
In game music and SFX: In the beginning there wera some SFX but then later in the game they kinda dissapeared... But the music is good, it fits into the game and gives you the right mood. But the author could have used the change BGM event a little more. 80%
Character & BG Graphics: The ASCII tilesets are used here, (again:) I'm almost getting tired of them. Use other tilesets as well! Mix 'em! But there was nothing wrong with the graphic in general except for the glitches explained in the Bugs, Glitches & Crashes score. But good tilesets but not a so good job combining them makes me give this game a 75%
Cutscenes: WOW! A cutscene! There is actually a cutscene of two lions in the game! This is the first game I have reviewed that has a cutscene! Good going. But since there was only one cutscene I have to give a 30%. But as I say better something than nothing! 30%
The in game Plot and introduction: Nice intro that makes the right mood, and the plot moves on forward, but it all was a little... how shall I put it?... Clumsy, not that it was a bad idea but a little more work with it is required. 80% 
Comments to the author:

Good game and it shows a lot of potencial. But a little fast and hasty done (I guess) makes it a little half done. But I tell you this Weeve73. Work on it a little longer and then come back so I can give you the score you deserve.

Score of game: 75%

- Paladin