Era of Darkness

By: Weeve73
Reviewed by: Paladin

This is really a short demo and really needs to be worked on a little more. But the game plot was't that bad. One of the first things I noticed was that the heroes in the RPG are total strangers to the player. The player knows nothing about them, you get to know their names when you check the status menu in the game. This is really not good, actually I beleive that in a game the heroes are one of the most inportant things and the whole game gets dull when you don't even know the names of the people that lead you through the plot. But the plot wasn't all bad. The intro wasn't something to brag about, but it was effective. It told you about the world and the events that have occured so far. But one thing keeps bugging me, when did the Eric fellow come into the picture? I really didn't catch on the plot totally. With some improvements here it could really be good. So the heroes and the plot could be inproved, especially make the story more self-explanitive (is that a word?) What I meant was that you should find out more and better about the things you have to do in the game. The tilesets are actually remade and self edited, this begins to be popular amont the RPG authors. Everyone are editing their own tilesets. And this is actually a very good thing. But Weeve hasn't really taken his time making the village and the houses. Like for some of the houses they have the cave door, it isn't so big error but you still can see it. And the houses are also hasty made, not that they look bad or anything but... well download it and see for yourselves. But some graphic improvements are needed to be made. For example the Mchip3.bmp is the file that has edges for different things (ocean, cave etc...) and the Mchip3 dosen't fit in with Mchip0 so that gives the result of when Weeve made water all the edges looked different from the water that was in the ocean. And the inside of the houses are well decorated but the walls are bad made, the same tile is used for everything, the tile used is the middle portion of the inside house wall from the ASCII tilesets one. That makes the houses look strange and it dosen't fit in. There is a plus though for the talking people, they talk about allday stuff that are relative to the ongoing plot and it really is as in a commercial RPG. Well some improvement and this game really could be good. 

The Summary:
Bugs, glitches & Crashes: Well there is one, the bug that is becoming more and more common and is called by me the "Enemy music crash". It means that after a enemy encounter the ingame music stops and it takes a few minutes to get out of a battle. That is the only one, and one more by the way, there are really some bad graphic glitches. 60%
In game music and SFX: Well at least the music is original, and the battle music kicks ass! I really liked it and give a high grade, I do this even it the presence of SFX is missing. 80%
Character & BG Graphics: Ok, this wasn't that bad if it wasn't for the Mchip mix, the 0 and 3 don't fit together and give a ugly look to the water and eventual caves. 70%
Cutscenes: Wow! The big NOTHING! 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: The plot and the intro are ok but the characters are the most unknown heroes that I have ever seen. More character info should be nice. sorry a low grade because of the characters. 50% 
Comments to the author:

It is ok so far, but you have to correct some tilesets, the plot, the characters and some more stuff mentioned above and you can get a much higher grade. 
Score of game: 65%

- Paladin