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[Welcome to the Glowing Blade orden... The Executors...]

~The hidden orden of the glowing blade~
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The Executors are a secret Elven orden founded during the dream age by the first elves. It's purpose was to protect the elven tribes in secret... And only the highest elven elders and sages knew about them. Each and evey one of them was given a magical blade called the 'Glowing Edge'. It got the name from it's appearance... It always eminated a red glow. The orden served it's purpose for many years, all until the event the orden knows of as the 'apocalypse'. It is when a young elven Executor fled from the orden and sided with the drow in a war vital to elven kind. He told them about the weapons the Executors used, the secrets and how to defeat them. The elven tribes were well protected by the executors and the drow didn't stand a chance... But the young elf told the drow about the 'Jewel of Dreams', the jewel was a part of the ceremony when an elf became an Executor. The elf was to get his gut opened and have the jewel in it for three sunsets. Now the secret that could destroy the Executors was that when the Jewel resides in one's gut it also takes ones life for it's own. It saves the chosen elf's life for the exchange of eternal obedience. And so the very essence of life of all Executors was in that crystal. To make all the magic powers that the crystal had work the crystal had to reside on a peidestal out in the sunlight. That's when the drow came, they took the crystal and hid it in their deepest dungeons... Only an eye witness could tell how many drow were slayed while the Executors protected the crystal... But the books say that wave after wave were totally engulfed by the rage of the Executors and millions of drow 'vanished' that day... The battle would have been a victory for the Executors if it wasn't for that young elven boy... He snook into the orden wearing the armor and colors of a Executor. He walked up to the place where the crystal was and took it out of the sunlight it bathed in, he enveloped it in a dark cloak and ran off to the drow castle. As he got there he was too weak to walk and collapsed, and so did the thousands of Executors on the battle field at their base. Only a few hundred survived that day, the ones that weren't involved in the battle, the ones that collapsed and recovered hidden from the clutches of the battle. And of course, when the drow saw that the Executors collapsed one by one they slowly began to slaughter each and every one of them...

This was a dark age for all Executors. They didn't have their powers as the crystal never saw sunlight... All this was horrible until Thalmaat Ilara showed up. He was a young elf that wanted to become an executor... He heard of the crystal and prepared himself. He climbed the highest mountain in the area... It is written that it took him a month to reach the top itself.
When he got there he started to pray, he started to pray a prayer to the crystal itself... A prayer that took him a year to finish.
When he was done he was exausted and died from the exaustion, but his efforts weren't in vain. The crystal heard him and in the same second as Thalmaat took his last breath the crystal burned through it's dark prison and when it reached sunlight it totally destroyed the drow castle and everyone in it with an explosion of giant proportions. Then it lifted itself up in the sky and landed once again in the temple of the Executors.
Now all executors were filled with joy and sorrow... They had regained the most valuable thing in the world... But lost the greatest Executor apprentice there ever was. So 100 executors took the crystal and marched up the mountain where Thalmaat prayed and died. Only 20 reached the top.
When the 20 reached the top they placed the crystal on top of Thalmaats body and left it there for three days and three nights, on the fourth day it is written that a red light enveloped the whole earth and that the gods themselves trembled before the power that was unleashed, on that night Thalmaat rose once again as if he never died... That day is known as the 'New Beginning' to the Executors. On that day Thalmaat was chosen as the new orden leader and led all the Executors from then on.

There was some changes though... The Executors no longer followed the orders of the elven elders and sages, they insted acted almost like a race of their own. And their swords got a new attribute... Glowing Edge (Bastard Sword  +2 / +6 vs. all drow/half drow beings. And an additonal bonus of +1d8 fire damage in every strike made by the blade.)

[An Executor enraged by the battle riding on his horse]
[An Executor enraged by the battle riding on his horse]

::Advantages & Restrictions::
The advantages of an Executor are many. But let's start with some restrictions... They must be elves (No half elves allowed, only purebreed) and then CAN NOT in any way be Multi/Dual classed! This is impossible due to all the training they must endure to become full-fledged Executors. And if an executor wants to defect from the orden then as soon as he utters the words of denial he dies the most horrible death known to man... He is doomed to walk the earth invisible, without the ability to touch, taste, feel or talk. That punishment is ultimate since the damned one cannot die... A life in the shadows... All alone...

The advantages an Executor has are as following; (more advantages are listed in the exp. table below.)
Infravision (Elven ability.)
50% resistance to all charm, hold and prayer spells.
30% resistance to cold, fire and lightning damage.
70% resistance to ALL magic spells cast by a drow/half drow being.

::Allowed races: Elf::
::Alignment: True Neutral::


The Executor is always of the True Neutral alignment and cannot obey anyone else except for the grand lord Thalmaat. The executors have great problems socialising. They are very silent by nature versus everyone except for other Executors. The chance of an Executor to feel "love" or "compassion" towards other people than Executors are -very- low. But since the executors were raised in the light with the meaning to protect all elven kind the executors have some special bond to all purebreed elves and aren't as silent and unsocial towards them.
Because as said earlier the Executors are fairly good and holy characters to start with they have a special modifier when fighting vs. evil creatures and trying to resist death/dark spells.

Every death/dark spell a Executor gets hit by (The executors have no bonus or resistance vs. death/dark spells) he must roll a d100. If the die shows below 50 then the death/dark spell does double damage or/and double effect/lasting time.

Every character with the Chaotic Evil alignment an Executor meets (except for drow) he/she gets a strike penalty with -2. And all blows taken that are originating from a chaotic evil creature do 1.5x damage.

Remember that the Executors have no need to fight good and other neutral characters if not told to do so by the grand lord Thalmaat or if they are attacked first and must act in self defense.



STR. 18/90 and upwards
DEX. 10
CON. 15
INT. (All executors have at start 16 intelligence points that cannot be lowered or raised)
WIS. 12
CHA. 9 (+5 vs. other executors and +3 versus other purebreed elves, -10 vs. drow)


Every Executor has specialised in the Bastard Sword (Their own blade the 'Glowing Edge') and have automatically THAC0 10 in it. They can also use the following lv1 and lv2 cleric spells;

::Lay on Hands:: (Paladin Ability to heal by 'laying on hands')
::Hold person::
::Apocalypse:: (Unique spell spell to the Executor class, see appendix below.)

Turn Undead (special usage, see the manuals for more information)
Protection vs. Evil (x2)


Magic type: Invoking
Effect: Self
Area of effect: n/a
Duration: 1d6 +1 hours
Saving throw: None (special vs. blow, see description)

The Apocalypse spell can only be used by the Executors. It is a way to channel their life force through their blade and somehow transfer the energies to the Jewel of Dreams. When the jewel receives this energy it sends back a intense light that makes the whole Executor glow red. The effects of the spell last for 1d6 +1 hours and have the following effects;
The Executor gains AC -2 and +10% magic resistance to all the resistance bonuses he/she had earlier (look above for resistance values) and death/dark spells included. The sword of the Executor gains a +1 bonus, it then becomes the Bastard Sword +3/+7 vs. drow/half drow beings +1d8 fire damabe with each successful blow. Also there are no more saving throws vs. the cleric spells a Executor can cast. Example: If the Apocalypse is in effect and the Executor tries to use Hold person then the victim cannot save vs. magic and must be held.
::This spell can only be used 3/week::


::Experience Table::

Lv.2 3000 exp. The Executor gains a +3% bonus to all resistances.
Lv.3 6000 exp. The Executor gains the ability to exactly tell a character's alignment.
Lv.4 12, 000 exp. The Executor gains a +1 bonus to his/hers THAC0 and their sword gains the 1d8 +1 fire damage with each successful blow.
Lv.5 24, 000 exp. Another +3% bonus to all resistance values plus a +5% bonus resistance vs. dark/death spells.
Lv.6 48, 000 exp. The Executor gains a +1 bonus to his/hers THAC0.
Lv.7 96, 000 exp. The Executor gains 20% chance of immunity vs. all physical attacks made by non-enchanted weapons.
Lv.8 192, 000 exp. Another +3% bonus to all resistance values including the 5% value vs death/dark spells.
Lv.9 384, 000 exp. The Executor gains a +1 bonus to his/hers THAC0 and a +10% bonus to their physical attack immunity.
Lv.10 384, 000 exp. The Executor gains +1 protection vs. evil and 'Draw upon holy might' as a special ability (1x).
Lv.11 768, 000 exp. Another +3% bonus to all resistance values including the 8% value vs death/dark spells.
(The Executors are now immune to ALL spells cast by a drow/half drow being)
Lv.12 1, 536, 000 exp. The Executor gains a +1 bonus to his/hers THAC0 and a +20% bonus to their physical attack immunity.
Lv.13 2, 072, 000 exp. Another +3% bonus to all resistance values including the 11% value vs death/dark spells.
Lv.14 4, 144, 000 exp. The Executor gains a +1 bonus to his/hers THAC0 and a +20% bonus to their physical attack immunity.
Lv.15 6, 000, 000 exp. The Executor is now totally immune to all physical attack made by non-magical weapons.
Lv.16 8, 000, 000 exp. The executor gains a +10% bonus to all his/her resistance values including the 14% resistance vs. death/dark spells.
Lv. 17 - 20 ??? exp. Only the oldes Executors have been able to reach this level of experience and they all died during the 'Apocalypse' so there are no records of whatsoever happens to the Executor past this point.
The great Thalmaat Ilara has only reached Lv.15.



The Glowing Edge
(Bastard sword +2/+6 vs. all drow/half drow beings. And the sword inflicts 1d8 fire damage with every successful blow.)
This sword has many tales wrapped around it's creation... Some say that when the first Executor found the Jewel of Dreams that a Glowing edge was lying beside it. Some say that they are forged of the finest mithril and coated with shards of the Jewel of Dreams. However they are made they are extremely powerful and feared by everyone that know of the executors.
Only a real executor knows the story of the sword and how the swords are made, this is the best kept secret in the Executor orden, right after the Jewel of Dreams. An executor would die a thousand deaths before telling these secrets.
The Dream Plate
(Plate mail +2/+4 against all physical attacks made by a drow/half drow being. Also has the ability to let the Executor move around as quietly as if he had equipped a leather armor.)
The dream plate is forged by the greatest blacksmiths in the Executor orden. It is so finely created so that is much better than a originally made Plate Mail. And by putting a incredibly small piece of the Jewel on the inside of the armor it gains some fantastic magical properties.

::Kip's Place & The gardens::

For a few months ago a piece of the crystal was stolen from the secret temple of the Executors. They crystal piece was retrieved but the thief was never found. So Thalmaat decided to send out some Executors throughout the world to keep the people in Krynn under close surveilance to know of potential dangers. Thalmaat himself rode off with a few Executors to a place near the tavern known as Kip's place due to all strange activity there lately. They built a fort in the forest there and patrol both the gardens and the tavern as often as they can.

::Executor Hymn::
~For the King, for the Land, for the Mountain...
  For the Jewel that lets our powers flow...
  For the Glory, the Power to win over all I will search the endless sky!~


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