Gems of Infinity

Okay, first off, this game did have much added to it. It also had a bunch of stuff changed. I got to the last part, in some restaraunt, and the demo ended. It really pissed me off. I was in some cave, looking for the other way out. Then, I saw a door, and I went inside. It took me through some caves, and the, I ended up at the beggining. Then I FINALLY fund a way out. Not to mention, there was a battle in that cave about every 25 steps, or so, and the cave was HUGE!! I was running into battles all over the place! Auugh!! But, other than that, everything was pretty good. There was a nice little movie when I died, and I think there were some other minor changes. Like the music. Yeah! The world map BGM was changed! It's always nice to put your favorite bands on a game. Especially when it's Green Day, or Nirvana. He's got good tastes. The currency was changed, and I think a few things were changed in the dialouge. But read on:

Graphics: Same 'ol same 'ol. 100%.

Story/Gameplay: I was actually hoping for something!! And I got something! Sweet! I especially liked the... well, I don't want to spoil it. I give this a 95%.

Difficulty: Same 'ol same 'ol. Although that cave was a little tedious. It made me mad. 90%

Movies/Cutscenes: Aha! A movie! You don't really see this every day! But, I don't think it's original, and it wasn't very long; nothin' big. But heck, a movie is a movie. 65%

Music/Sounds: Well, like I mentioned above, the music was a little better. Sounds were the same. So this WILL get a better rating! 95%

Overall(drumroll, please!): 89%!!

Wow! That's the highest scoring game on this page!! (Gee, I wonder why...).

I would like to apoligize to Luke. I screwed up, nd the review BEFORE this was MY screw up. so, this is the REAL score. Bythe way, I'm getting really tired of all these *little* updates. Put more time into it! I can wait!