Review of Gems of Infinity

Created by Luke Acha

Reviewed by Vortex

The entire way through I thought the game was great. At first when the SNBM Software screen came on I realized Luke was probably serious about the game. I will start with critisism. It was kind of easy. The length of the game could be extended if it was made so the pplayer has to get their levels up before going to new places. The Black Knights were too easy, I didn't have a problem. Experience gained from the monsters should be lowered a little too.

Other than that the game was excellent. The non-tile graphics were great, the cutscenes were made nicely, and the tiles were used to make a really nice world. Excellent job Luke!

Bugs and Glitches: Sometimes the screen fades in and after it fades in, something changes back to the way it was supposed to be. Nothing big. 80%

Music and SFX: I loved it! GREAT job! 100%

Tiles: Wonderfully used. 100%

Other GFX: Good opening screens, and I like the graphic of the items in the weopon shop. 93%

Cutscenes*: Very nice. 98%

Story & Plot: Pretty good. The main story is a little unoriginal but the plot is. 88%

Game Design: Very good, except it was a little easy to get through. 85%

Overall: Great game! Can't wait for updates! 92%