Reviewed game: Grand Legends

Made by: Kbro

Made in: RPG Maker 95

Reviewed by: Paladin

The words I seek are... Oh my god what a crap game! The first really bad thig is that the author must have changed the tilesets just before he sended the game out for download, so allthe buildings and other stuff are totally mixed up and look as hell. Why the heck didn't he check how the game looked before he published it? Damn, it looked awful and also the game freezes for about 10 sec after you defeat an enemy and after you have defeated the first enemy all the music in the game stops, I then restart the game and it worked. And there is no plot or story whatsoever in this lousy game. The game starts with that you read about a boy that was signed in to a knight school and then all of a sudden you show up in the school and you have to fight an opponent. After you have won you have to go kill a dragon? and then you sleep and have to go through a valley. As I said no story and no plot, man what is this. Make a new game, I rest my case. 

The overallt percent:
Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: GLITCHES!!!??? The whole game is a giant glitch! The tilesets are totally mixed up and they can't be used! The in-game music stops after an enemy encounter and the game freezes for 10 sec after you have sucessfully defeated an enemy. 0%
In game music and SFX: There is music, but every one of the tunes was a rip off. From Chrono Trigger and FF7 to name a few. But there are no SFX. This is bad (and the rest of the game is too) so the game wil get a 50%.
Character & BG Graphics: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! These tilesets are totally mixed up and don't have any meaning at all! No points here! 0%
Cutscenes: No, no, & no 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: What intro and what plot? Well something happes anyway so this can't be a zero. 10% 
Comments to the author:

Make a new game and come back (if making a new game helps)
Score of game: 15%

- Paladin