Reviewed game: Happy Valley

Made by: Billl & ThaYne

Made in: RPG Maker 95

Reviewed by: Paladin

This game has something really original! They have pictures of people that are talking. This is the same as in any new RPG out for sale and it is the first game that uses this function (I will not draw away any point for the not so good quality of the faces 'cause this is really original and I like original stuff). The tilesets are the most common ones (except for the original) but Billl and ThaYne have mixed the tilesets after their own needs. It turned out to be really good. This game is somewhat glitch free, but you can still find 'em. They are probably things that the authors didn't see 'cause they aren't big. Pretty good graphics that is! And they even have pictures of the items you get! That is original. But the characters didn't quite melt in to the rest of the enviroment in the game. I don't know how to express it, but it is no big problem and it won't stop this great game to get a high grade. And another bonus from the brilliant makers of HV is that there is a healthy use of sounds in this game, and they are everywhere. When you open a door (the sound for opening doors shows that people in Happy Valley don't care about the welfare of their doors, actually I got tired of the door sound :) and every chest sounds. So there are plenty of sounds and I know that there has been a fuss over me not having any music in the demo, but I have downloaded the newest demo and it is there. And I promise to all of you, I searched for a midi file in all of the three zip files I had of the demo and I didn't find any but now with the newer version I can hear 'em all. So the music is great, no ripoffs, but I can't put my finger on one midi... I almost have it... Nah... It dosen't matter at least I didn't reckognize any one of them. You know this game just keeps suprizing me, I like the story in this game. The idea of the school and the four magic elements. Original at least that cure magic isn't white but green. Also the other aspects made you play to the last moment. But the characters could have been a little more interesting. I have reconcidered my previous statement and I don't think you have to change anything with the characters history, but you maybe could explain a little more about them. As I said just a idea, nothing that must be done, the game is great anyway. And I love the way they explain everything in the game, not just the story but even the ordinary things as finding secrets and other everyday RPG stuff. Good plot (if maybe a little weird) and it makes you like the game's funny interface. Good job with the story guys. 
I am so ashamed of myself... *blush* until Holbert "kindly" pinpointed that you have to put the BG... files in the game folder to encounter enemies I didn't know of this and gave this great game a lower grade when it deserved a higher (thanks for that one Holbert). So now I have changed my mind and say that there are NO bugs in this game but some graphic glitches are present, but I don't know if it is actually ment to be, but anyway nothing to talk about since they are so few.

The overallt percent:
Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: Nada bugs (since the Holbert incident) and no glitches and the game hasn't crashed for me yet. 100%
In game music and SFX: Now there is great music and of course previously mentioned SFX here. This gives you the real mood and actualy encourages you to continue playing. But some things (like the disturbing door sound) make me give it a 90%
Character & BG Graphics: All right a 100%! This game's creators know how to use the tilesets, and not enough with that they use the ASCII tilesets, they have even modified the tilesets for their own needs and did a really good job! 100%!
Cutscenes: Nope 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: No actual intro except for the age warning, but you get fast into the game's plot and don't even notice that there isn't a intro. I think that the meaning of this game is a "find out and learn" theme. You find out more about everything as longer as you play. 
Comments to the author:

Magnificent! The first game on the RPG-Haven to get such a high grade, I have nothing elso to say than: I want to review your next version of the game!. Hope you want me to after all the fuss. ^_^ Way to go Billl and ThaYne!

Score of game: 97%

- Paladin