Review of Jade Knights

Created by Dragon Shadow

Reviewed by Vortex

Jade Knights was a really good game. I enjoyed playing it, for the most part. The beginning of the game was kind of boring, and the story of the game has been used quite a bit. I liked the different plots though, and that more than makes up for the story. Other things - The tiles were used to make a really nice looking world. There were actualy AVIs in the game. The graphics in the game, other than the tilesets, were great! The cutscenes were a little long, but they were there. There were quite a few of them.

Bugs and Glitches: None. 100%

Music and SFX: The music was good, and there were a lot of SFX. 90%

Tiles: Excellent! 97%

Other GFX: Pretty good! 90%

Cutscenes*: There were a lot of cutscenes, and they were pretty good. 95%

Story & Plot: The story was kind of boring, but the other plots I liked. 80%

Game Design: The game was good, I enjoyed playing it a lot, but some areas need a little improving. 80%

Overall: It is definitely good. I hope you don't drop the game or anything! 90%

Comments:  Good game.  I hope I get the finished version to play and review!

* - I do not refer to AVIs , I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.