Kittens Quest

Reviewed by: Paladin

Well to start with, the game really didn't have any opening. Only a cast and a notice about the update, other than that it was blank. And there were too many enemy encounters! And I mean too many. Plus in the boat you couldn't get out of it. But a good thing are the graphics, (it is too bad that you can't choose tilesets in RPG Maker 2) they were prety well placed. There were some glitches but that was acceptible since it was RPG Maker 2. And there was actually no plot. Only a cat telling me (by the way this game is pretty strange since the main characters are cats even I was one) that I should go save some guy. Well I went after hin throught a house and some other strange things. Well the game is ok to be a RPG Maker 2 game... so I can't judge the same way I do for RM95. Plus there sin't much to write since it is RPG Maker 2.
But anyway, here's the summary:

Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: There was one bug, the door in the boat didn't work. And there was a lot of glitches, but since it is RPG Maker 2 it isn't a too big minus. 60%
In game music and SFX: I really can't judge this since it is already preset in RPG Maker 2 so... 

Character & BG Graphics: The same thing as in SFX and BGM...

Cutscenes: Where could you make a cutscene in RPG Maker 2?

The in game Plot and introduction: This is a judgable thing, and I'm afraid that the opening was rather bad, 'cause there was no opening. And the plot was... well... bad. 30%

Comments to the author:

You should start using RPG Maker 95 instead. That is all I have to say.

Score of game: 40%