Author: Paladin Sky

Review by Slade

This is a review update!
everything within [ ] are old comments, the rest are the new ones.

Opening: (90%) to (90%)
[This opening had pretty much everything you could ask for,
the only drawback was that the battle backgrounds had been used
for intro background. (although the star background was really
cool) There were one or two spelling errors, but nothing serious.]
I found no major changes in the intro, just some flashy details with the "legacy logo"

Graphics: (95%) to (85%)
[I don't think Paladin used even one of the default tiles (although
some of them are good) and that was a BIG plus, and I couldn't spot
any tile-placing errors.]
A lot of new tile-placing errors, with un-passable passages and such.
Also, When the characters say "he destroyed the land around the house", NOTHING
happens with the land, but if you return later, the land is gone, but the house is in
the middle of the sea!!

Sounds: (90%) to (90%-)
[I liked the fact that everything had sounds, chests, traps, the lot.
The background music was original and gave a good mood, BUT, I could
spot one or two final fantasy rippoffs, so 90 % it is (but that is
The minus comes from the elevator, it sounded like a pile of slime!

Playability (bugs) (95%) to (85%)
[I honestly couldn't find ANY bugs, just spelling errors.
And I got a little bit annoyed, if you search a special barrel
it says, "You should search everywhere, this barrel could have
contained something, or it could have moved".
Then I think: GREAT, secrets! but no, I searched every damn tile
(almost) and all I found was ONE mana seed (by the way,
good item names) in a drawer.
One thing I didn't like either was that the battles were so one-
sided, on the world map, the only encounter was two mushrooms,
and in the forest you could only meet oak trees, not that there
is anything wrong with the enemies, they are SUPERBLY well
balanced, but when I walk around in a forest, I want to encounter
several DIFFERENT monsters, and by the way, why did you include
the "wood dirk", the starting weapons are better, you never need
to sell anything, and elly (who MIGHT have been able to gain from it)
could cast spells (all of the characters could) but I got the
impression that she was the spellcaster in the party.]

A lot of these were changed, but new ones appeared, like in the shop, the secret
passage is really weird, and in the cave on the way to poro, everything looked really
strange, with water in the middle of walls, and such.
Also, the attack up spell was WAAAAAY to good, in the battle with the red eel, Sky
boosetd himself for all his MP, then hit for 1050 damage, and this was in level 7!!

Story/Plot (75%) to (85%)
[The story was great, but the demo ended before the story could
develop enough. Too bad, but when release nr 2 gets out, I think
it's going to be a real hit (The story, I mean)]
Story was better developed now, with a lovestory and evil lords and such things

Cutscenes (0%)
[None, the game was a bit too short to include cutsenes, altouhg, no points taken]

Final Score (90%) to (80%)
Sorry paladin, but I have to lower the score, with these new bugs and all, plus the
shapeshifter was too hard