Legend of Legaia

Creators: Sony

Console: PSX

Now not to rate this game too fast as a too short bad RPG I am going to say some of the good thigs in the game. Ok first the spell system, it is one of a kind. When you kill an enemy a being that has merged with you called a Ra-Seru absorbs the killed enemy and you get to summon the enemy. That is how you learn spells, and the more you use a spell the more Xp it gets and the more powerful it becomes. Now that was both interesting and original. But since the game is pretty short the spells aren't many. 30 tops. And the attack system is also pretty amusing (not to pinpoint that it is almost an exact copy of the Xenogears batle system). As in Xeno you use buttons to make combos, the only difference here is that you use the D-pad for making combos instead of the four buttons. Well it is not original but it is good. And there are cutscenes too, they are actually very well made. Almost in FF7 3D style. So this is a plus, but a minus is the graphics that really aren't something to be happy for. And we have also the music, anyway, put on your favourite CD and turn off the music in the game options and it makes the game 5 times more fun to play. I really didn't like the music and I did the same thing I suggested you to do a little bit above. So the music in this game obviously isn't a winner. And what is there to say about the story? Actually nothing... it is a little original but still the same save the world crap. And the ongoing plot isn't a winner it either. It is about some mist that turns beings called Seru (the Seru can merge with a human to give him tremendeous power and even the ability to fly) but anyway when this mist came it started to turn Seru-Humans into monsters. The only Serus that weren't transformed were the Ra-Serus, they were too strong for the mist to handle and SUPRISE! the main characters get one Ra-Seru each, you would have never guessed it, Eh? But the plot is really pretty ridicilous, you have to do the most strange things just to get rid of the mist. And when I say strange things then I mean things that have nothing to do with the mist. But nevertheless this game is way too short to get a good rating. So it won't be a high one here...

The overallt percent:

Bugs, Glitches & Crashes: Bugs? Nah not in a commercial game... but glitches there is, as all of you know the PSX has no ability to use Z-Buffer and the game looks like a Swiss Cheese without it. That are mayor glitches. But no crashes either. 80%
In game music and SFX: As I said earlier the music sucks a bit, I mean you can play the game with the music on but it isn't something I recommend... But the SFX are a different story, there is a really healthy use of SFX and it makes the game a little better, not much but still. 70%
Character & BG Graphics: The graphics aren't really something to brag about and the characters aren't good detailed at all... But this is corrected with the greatly made cutscenes. 70%
Cutscenes: Great! I think that it and the spell system are the two only great things in this game. Really nice and make the game worth playing at least once. 95%
The in game Plot and introduction: Nah... childish and unoriginal, well at least I didn't like it. I regretted that I bought it. But it is a playable plot so this game is ok to play and clear once, but it isn't a game you play many times. 60%

Score of game: 70%

- Paladin