Reviewed game: Brave Fencer Musashi

Creators: Squaresoft

Console: PSX

Review by: Paladin

Ok, ok you can't really say that the graphics are bad, but there are small things that make it worse. Like bad details on characters and some bad details on buildings and surroundings. But the special mover and the learnable special attacks are really cool. One of the coolest effects is the "Lumina Spin" it happend when you spin with the legendary sword Lumina. Really cool with a trace of transparent red. As I said some things lok really great and some look less great. And no cutscenes on a PSX game make it rather dissapointing. Childish and boring music. Would fit better on a SNES. One reason of 60% is the good SFX in the game. You hear 'em everywhere. This game is a game where you control the characters in fights like in SOM2 so there are really many SFX. Every skill has its own sound. Really good. And the important characters in the game talk with voices and text. Like the hero Musashi talks almost all the time with a voice. This is a sure plus. As I said this game is for the younger players. (12 and down) So I made a fairly high rating for the game because of the smaller ones that think it's fun. The remarks in the dialouges are childish with bad jokes. The game is relatively short and the plot is pretty bad. To not go nearer into the plot I'll tell you approximately what it's about. There is a kingdom, in the kingdom a princess summons a hero (Musashi) who must save the world (original eh?). And there is another kingdom that tries to stop him. As I said pretty straightforward RPG and a lot childish. I reccomend a player of 12 years to think this story is exciting and fun. Of course no bugs and the controls are actually really good! You slash with you regular sword with square and with lumina on triangle. You can make combos that you have learned from various people and use techniques that you learn from the enemies. Pretty good in this area.

I reccomend you being 12 and down if you want to enjoy this game. But if you have played all the new RPG's and want something to do until FF8 comes then buy it. It actually isn't anything wrong with the game, it is only a little childish and boring in the lenght.

The overallt percent:
Controller layout: Nah... it would be better if you could change the control setting, a little clumsy. 60%
In game music and SFX: Well the usual enemy hit and attack SFX are there but there aren't many others, but a sure plus to the SFX is that there is a lot of vioces in the game, and the music could really be better... 80%
Character & BG Graphics: Good graphics but the graphics are also a little childish... But not too ugly game. 70%
Cutscenes: No Cutscenes 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: Child game, no realy plot but the not so original "a kingdom in danger and a hero is summoned" crap... Nah don't buy it. 60%

Grade for this game 70%
- Paladin