Ninja Gaiden RPG

Reviewed by: Paladin

Now this was a good game, it had a really worked out plot and a god intro. I liked it, but even if the ninja stuff in the game were cool the rest of the game has a tendency to get a little dull. I mean this is a good game but only a little better overally is missing. Too much ninja stuff, but I have to hand it to the guy. Great plot. The game begins with Kage (the main person) killing an innocent girl. Then he changes to his ordinary clothes and escapes the town. Pretty cool, but after that the game is getting a little more like and adventure game instead of an RPG game.But it is still ok. There are some graphic glitches (actually a lot of them, but the author must have missed them 'cause the same glitch occurs very often) And the bosses are a little too hard. Well there isn't much more to say... it is a pretty short demo. But one more thing, the music isn't in the right folder, to hear the music you have to move the midis to C:\MIDI... strange, make a gamedisk (way too little people are doing this!) I almostr forgot, the intro was ok, it was some text with pictures (very bad ones) behind. Well that is all, I have nothing more to say because this game didn't have much to be said about. But there is a annoying thing too, when I wen't to the forest for the first time Kage said "it must be the monster the villagers are talking about" well that was strange 'cause i didn't talk to any villagers... well nevermind.

The Summary:
Bugs, glitches & Crashes: No bugs but a lot of glitches. They are everywhere (especially the treasure chests) and there are no Crashes. 70%
In game music and SFX: Nah, nothing for me. I really didn't like the music here... but still have to give him point 'cause it is a opinion matter to like music or not. 70% 
Character & BG Graphics: The tilesets are the ASCII anime and the original mixed. It is a pretty good combination but sometimes it look wierd... 80%
Cutscenes: As they say in Mongolia: "Where the hell are the avi's?" 0%
The in game Plot and introduction: Good and well done intro, the plot is actually one of the best ones I have heard from a RPG95 game. 90%
Comments to the author:

Well it is a good game but small improvement are needed, actually i think that the author of Ninja Gaiden should try some other game making software that makes platform Ninja games, but stll a great plot and one of the few reasons this game got a high score. 
Score of game: 80%

- Paladin