Reviewed game: Parasite Eve

Creators: Squaresoft

Console: PSX

Review by: Paladin

This game has both the good graphics and the great story, although this game is really short you can at the end of the game name the two weapons you have equipped and then run a EX game, that means that you start over from the beginning with more Bonus Points and the weapon and armor you named. And in a EX game you can explore the Crysler building, (I have only gotten up to the 49th floor, I die on some giant coachroaches) I really don't know exactly how many floors there are but I would guess about 100 of them. So Parasite Eve can be a long and fun game. Squaresoft haven't succedeed totally in making a resident evil type game but made a more RPG stylish one (not that that is a bad thing ^_^) The game begins with a opera play assuring the player that the main characters are nothing more than humans, no superheroes or chosen souls. The Role Preson you control throughout the whole game is Aya Brea, a NYPD officer. She is new to the precinct and has a guy called Daniel as a partner. You actually get the feeling of you being ordinary but good at your work troughout the game. (Of course Aya has some kind of magic called Parasite powers but they seem very usual after you have killed the last boss 'cause you get it all explained then) The game is played in Manhattan NY, after a incident at the opera the police give the order of evacuation and all the people evacuate, that was a good reason for no people on the street. You have fun playing the game and Aya's parasite powers are really interesting and fun, (especially the spell "Liberate" those who own Parasite Eve know what I mean). And another good thing about Parasite Eve is that all the spells and the strange stuff (giant spiders, rats and that sort of stuff) get a scientific explanation. Those who are in the 8th grade and upwards know what mitochondria is, in the game they tell that the mutated mitochondria have humongous power and can control the "regular" mitochondria. Very smooth and scientific. Good game that is, but be warned classic RPG lovers! This is not a game for you, you have to be flexible in the ways of RPG to be able to love and play this game. Really good and very well done, but for two CD's could be longer. The only reason the game is on 2 CD's is because of the nicest cutscenes ever. The most well done and smooth 3D cutscenes ever made in a RPG. Something really worth seeing, there are really a lot of cutscenes and they are all worth seeing over and over. And it really is fun to kick some weak enemy ass with a strong gun from the beginning of the game (you actually kill a lot of bosses with only one shot when playing a EX game).

The overallt percent:
Controller layout: A little clumsy but still very playable a 90% it is.
In game music and SFX: Very moody music and really makes you a part of the game, but there are wonderful SFX too, when you walk on metal or glass you hear great sound, opening chests and doors, a clear 100%!
Character & BG Graphics: Good and detailed, when the camera is near Aya you see the wrinkles on her sweater, detailed and wonderful background, beats FF7 alright! 98%
Cutscenes: 100%, nothing more to say...
The in game Plot and introduction: The plot and the intro are great, but some things aren't explained so well, to get it you have to beat the game several times. 89%

All in all this game gets a clear 95%!

- Paladin