Author: OologahQ

reviewed by Slade

Intro: (75%)
Cool starting picture, also, nice (but just nice) intro, with a cool spell-tile
killing a mage. Otherwise, nothing special.

Graphics: (90%)
The default tilesets were used, but there were some modifications made.
The monsters were replaced, but some didn't quite fit in.
Also, at some places, like in the goblin mines, some tiles next to black
were gray, and after a while, this really got on my nerves.
Default characters were used, but again, with mods.
The backgrounds were replaced, but, as I will get to later, all backgrounds
weren't included.

Cutscenes: (0%)
None, but since noone uses them, this won't affect the overall score.

Sounds: (85%)
Some music was great, but some was ripped, and I could detect a lot of sound
effects from the "Magic, the gathering" game for PC.
Some sound effects were really great, such as the screaming sound when someone died.

Story/Plot: (90%)
Even though the story with the really really evil demon returning is quite old, the
story in "Phoenix Knights" really hit the spot.
With political conflicts, personal troubles, and such, this story was really good,
however, it never really got started, just when things flared up, the demo ended.

Playability(bugs) (85%)
Some tiles didn't fit in with the tile next to it, and about 95% of the interior
scenery was "dead", and with dead I mean that you couldn't interact with it.
At least some pots could have contained something, and I did search (I think)
everywere (nice touch with the well).
The battles were really well balanced, with the exception of the fearie battle,
I was toasted in about three or four turns!
Those fearie fireballs were devastating!
Other than that, I found no bugs.

Final Score: 90%