President Evil

By: John Pannella

Reviewed By: DragonShadow

Okay, first off, this game was NOT supposed to be serious. The plot is about Bill Clinton trying to take over the planet. You play as Monica Lawinsky, Ken Starr, Hilary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton. It is supposed to be AFTER the Clinton Scandal, maybe 5 or 6 years... who knows. But it was EXTREMELY bizzarre. Other than that, this game had absolutley NO ORIGINALITY!! He ripped off RPG95 games! Pathetic! How did he rip 'em off? First off, the first town is and almost exact duplicate as of the first town on the game Legacy of Heroes. Second, at the end of the demo, you see a scene that is copied virtually EXACTLY as one of the scenes on Rising Sun. But at least he admitted it. Anyhow, while we're at the un-originality subject, ALL the music were rip-offs. The one I heard were from mostly Final Fantasy 4,5,6, and 7(all jap). I think I heard some Suikoden Tunes, and some Chrono Trigger Tunes. Still, UN-ORIGINAL! But again, at least he admitted it. Anyhow, here's how it did..

Graphics: This game had the default characters, bgs, etc. etc... except for the Mchips. He had the Ascii Tileset. I see that one too many times. It's getting a little old. But man, it was designed nicely! Although one town was not his, but STOLEN, I'll have to give this a higher score than expected. 75%

Story/Gameplay: Now, if do not have a sense of humor, don't play this. There is swearing, crudeness, but it's all in a humorus way. If I was age-rating this, I'd say you'd have to be at least 13 to play. It's all part of the odd odd story. But the story is too basic, a bad guy trying to take over the world, only a few people can save it. Just a little twist to it. Now, the Game play.. well, I noticed a bug first off, no BGs or Anims.. not even a CharaSet. Terrible there. Along with that, there were no fun things at all, but the humor. The battles were impossible, unless on invincible. All the strings were translated, but the pre-translated ones were not changed. There were no secrets, or puzzles, and I counted 2 chests. Too many stupid battles. Lame!! 60%

Difficulty: Like I mentioned before, the battles were impossible, so you could say the difficulty was a tad off the scale. Although you have every spell, your life is up to 1000, you still have to be n invincible to beat the bosses. Blech. 50%

Cutscenes/Movies: Zro. NONE! 0%

All the music were rip-offs, and there were hardly any sounds. I also found the music stop for some reason a few times, but it started back up after a battle. Strange. There were a few sounds, not including the Battle Sounds. There could have been a whole lot more. Oh well. 40%



Well, at least he admitted that he ripped off a buncha stuff. Could be a whole lot better. Try it out for the laughs, unless you don't like crudeness, or swearing.