Quest for Darkness

By: Unknown
Reviewed by: Paladin

It is a short demo so the review will be short too. Now the tilesets are the ASCII ones and they are sometimes combined correctly in this game. But sometimes they aren't. So there are some glitches in the game but the good looking houses that are really well decorated cover it up. Now I can't say that the intro was bad, but it could need a little improvement. A little more explaining and a little longer intro would do. And there still are things that are unexplained. Like who is the boy you are and why do I have to fight the dragon at the beginning? So the intro and the plot need a little polishing but the game is in overall promising (Although it needs some heavy repairs in graphic and plot part). But don't drop this game, it shows potencial and it might be a lot better only if improved a bit. But since the demo is about 2 min. long there isn't much to say about the game. But I have to say one more thing, even if I probably ain't the right person to talk about it since everyone complain about my hasty typing. But the game has several typos. But they all seem to bee made by fast typing (trust me I know). But that is about all. 

The Summary:
Bugs, glitches & Crashes: No bugs but some glitches and the game never crashed. 90%
In game music and SFX: Now I don't get this, the music is packed but it isn't the music that the game needs. I checked the BGM settings and the game wanted midis that I didn't have and they should be in a folder called RPG95\Library\... The only music that I could hear was when you clear a battle. 20%
Character & BG Graphics: The ASCII tilesets are really good and a lot of people use them. And so does this guy. Good combined tilesets but with a little glitches here and there. 80%
Cutscenes: Almost as always, 0% (And with cutscenes I mean AVI movies and so on) 
The in game Plot and introduction: There is a intro but it is a little weak and dosen't satisfy my questions. A little work on the characters is also needed. 60%
Comments to the author:

Ok game but has to be improved! 
Score of game: 60%!

- Paladin