Review of Quest for Magi

Created By Fobo

Reviewed by Vortex

When I saw the name I was thinking that it would be a complete... Err, unoriginal storyline. When I played the demo I knew that I was wrong. The story and all of the plots within it are very original and it was very interesting. I am looking forward to the full version.

The game design couldn't get too much better. In some places there was no music, like inside some houses. There were a couple of sound effects I heard. The cutscenes were made nicely. Sometimes people just do a sloppy job with them, but these were good. There were no graphics in .bmp. That kind of disappointed me, and it will lower the final score a bit.

Bugs & Glitches: None that I saw. 100%

Music a SFX: Some houses didn't have music in them. There were some sound effects. 70%

Tiles: They were laid out pretty good. 87%

Other GFX: None :-( 0%

Cutscenes*: Very good! 97%

Story & Plot: Very good and original for the most part. 95%

Game Design: It was good, laid out nicely, etc. 95%

Overall: Good game, you should definitely download it. 78%

Comments: Get some graphics in there, fix the music and you've got yourself one excellent game!

* - I do not refer to AVIs (they would be an extra), I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.