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The Pandora's Box RPG Page -1999

(Copyright (C) Paladin All Rights Reserved - 1999)

The Pandora's Box staff members
Well the staff is pretty ok now, and we do not need more reviewers. But we do need more midi responsible, a co. webmaster and some tileset hunters. 
Staff member name and assignment Personal comment
- Paladin, the webmaster on Pandora's Box and I do everything. Send me all your E-mails regarding the page, games of anything in common. AIM SN: PaladinRPG If you have any questions regarding this page or any review for reviewing then send it to me. I also take all the remarks on the page and errors.
Vortex, He is a co. webmaster here and does almost everything as Paladin, so if you can't contact Paladin or you want an answer to a RM95 question contact Vortex. Both of us upload games to our server too. And he does FAQ and some reviews too. Send 'em in! I'll judge anything. And I'll help out with RPG maker 95.
Slade, another reviewer. We are getting pretty many. My theory of life's meaning: RPG
Alaio, the MIDI responsible, have any MIDI's send them to him. (Not inserted yet)
Dragonshadow, he is also a reviewer of RPG maker 95 games. (Not inserted yet)
Alaio, he is the first Midi responsible person on this page. If you have midis of your own send them to Alaio. (Not inserted yet)
RPGEH, the tileset responsible. Send him all your sprites. And he also makes sprites. (Not inserted yet)
Daniel Fuentes, another midi guy. (Not inserted yet)
a a, he is the newest member and he is totally in charge of the www board. So he will ban (only if needed) people and do adjustments on the board and delete messages. (Not inserted yet)