The Tale of Belgarion

By: WalCoar

Okay, there's not really much to say about this very brief demo. In fact, it was hardly a demo. It was more of a preview than a demo. I'm not saying it was bad or anything; it was actually quite well done! The story is about a guy tht finds a perfectly sphere stone, turns it into a magic object, and some guy steals it, and tries to take over the world. Then some very nicely described gruesome things happen to this guy, and the world becomes safe. I'm not going to say the rest. I'm afraid I'd give it all away! That's how short it is, just about. And this games' plot is based on a novel, which you don't see everyday! Gameplay can't really be rated, since I only walked around a few minutes. It had this nice little tutorial on how the game works(kind of like in shadowed sun, but a tad different) Other than that, nothing much... the gfx were very nice! Very nice map design, and I could walk behind just about everything. And I saw a nice little feature nobody I have seen ever use. The guy jumped! Like, surprised jump! Wow! Never seen that before! he tilesets were mixed nicely, but, unfortunatley, you don't really get to see all the pretty tiles.. The intro was awesome. I really enjoyed that part. I especially enjoyed all the nice images this person used for the intro. And the music was nice, too. Most of 'em weren't used that he had with the game. And alot of the one's I heard that game with the game had some rip-offs. Good thing they weren't used, or I'd have to lower that a bit :). There were quite a bit of SFX, although it could have used more. And another thing, I noticed alot of spelling errors, like in the intro. It looked kind of rushed, I guess. I hope that it fixed. Well, enough of this, to the scores!

Story: It's good, I guess. I couldn't really get into it, but the intro was really great, on how it explained the story so well. I guess doing a plot based on a novel is a time consuming thing, and isn't easy. Good plot, anyway. 95%

Graphics: Very nice. I especially like the map design, and how the house was bigger on the inside, not the outside. The default charas were customized, and mixed a bit. So the GFX were very good. 85%

BGM/SFX: Nice. Fits the mood very well. Some rip-offs were used though. 90%

Gameplay/Difficulty*: Well, I can't really rate this, since the demo was about 5 minutes long. What I saw was very good, with the built in tutorial, and nice little intro. Very good. 95%

Cutscenes**: The intro was about the only one, and it was VERY well done. Like Square Quality. 100%

Overall: 93%!

Very nice for such a short demo. I liked it.

*Difficulty will not be counted. **The cutscenes were not based on movies this time, but by scenes where the sprites move on thier own. Thus, making it part of the overall percent.