Review of Tom's Destiny

Created by Paladin Phantom Snake

Reviewed by Vortex

Okay, the first thing I'll say is that it needed more plot and it needs more of a background story. Why did that one dude in the forest join me? Why did he want to? Is he Tom's long lost brother or something? Throwing in a plot twist here, and a plot twist there is something that can keep the person playing the game to keep playing it.

The world map was strange at the beginning. It was more like a maze which was kind of annoying, especially because there was only one path. The towns in the game were nice, I'll give you that. One thing you really need to work on is the challenge of the game. Near the beginning it was half way descent (sp), but later in the game it was just too easy for me to kill the monsters. Half of the time they didn't even hit me. They gave too much gold and EXP also. The final boss that was guarding the crystal was too easy to beat. I killed him after 3 rounds without using any magic or healing.

One last thing. I liked how in the palace you only had to fight if you ran into the enemies that were moving around, but still, I got annoyed at fighting those Phantom Soldiers over and over.

Bugs and Glitches: He did a good job keeping these out. 100%

Music and SFX: The music was taken from other games, which is fine by me because he gave credit to them and it was good anyway. Where's the sound effects? 85%

Tiles: Pretty good for the most part. Change the overworld though, and add more things in the palace. 70%

Other GFX: There were some graphics at the beginning and some at the end. Good job. 85%

Cutscenes*: I guess you could say there was one at the beginning, and another at the end. That was about it. Add some more of those! 65%

Story & Plot: The story was alright, but it started off kind of fast, and there wasn't much of a plot other than the main storyline. Throw some plot twists in there. 60%

Game Design: It was alright. You could have spent a little more time on some areas of the game. 70%

Overall: Your game can be fixed up to be a great game. Work on it a little and it will look better for sure. 76%

Comments: Fix it up and send me the next demo! And thanks for adding me to the credits of the game.

* - I do not refer to AVIs (they would be an extra), I refer to events on the screen moving around in a scene.