Review of The Unknown Fantasies

Created by BLAlien

Reviewed by Vortex

At first I really liked this game. I was playing it and really liking it. The first problem I had noticed was that the first town you come to is called First Town, which kind of disappointed me, because the rest of the game seemed really nicely made. Then second thing I didn't like so much was how you had to search the desert for a hidden cave. And inside the cave, you find an enemy group every step. That made me quit the game. So in order to see the rest I looked at it through the editor. When you fight the winged demon, it kind of reminded me of the power rangers (not a good thing). The game also seemed like you beat the game if you are lucky. They shouldn't be like that, they should be challenging.

As for comments, the title screen was pretty nice, and the tiles were put to good use. The monsters were tough, but not too tough, even though you found them too often.

Bugginand Glitching: No bugs or glitches that I found. 100%

Music and SFX: I liked the music, and there were some sound effects also. Great job. 95%

Tiles: The original tilesets were used, but at least the they were used nicely. 65%

Other GFX: The title screen was good, but could have used more of these. 50%

Cutscenes*: The beginning scene had a nice cutscene, and there were some other small ones. 70%

Story & Plot: You began with a good story, but the plot got kinda messed up along the way. 50%

Extras/Conduct: Enemies fought too often, had a power rangers feel, and not too challenging, but instead you have to be lucky to beat it. -15% The monsters had the right toughness. +5% (overall -10%)

Overall: It's an alright game, and I truely believe it can be good if there is a revised version. 70%

Comments:  It was nice, but work on it a little, and please send me the newer version!