The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time

Reviewed by DragonShadow

Made by Nintendo ( OR

Well, the best thing in a game is not the graphics. This game shows why. Now, I'm not saying the graphics are bad, in fact, they were pretty good. VERY good actually. They stunned me to see them. But, the thing is, this game just didn't grab my attention as much as a zelda game usually does. Yeah, you're probably saying 'What? The other Zelda games' graphics sucked!', well, big deal. The most important thing in a game is the Story. The thing is, Nintendo spent so much time on Graphics, about 2 or 3 years, and didn't give it good enough story! I mean didn't focus on the characters too much. Like Saria, when Link saves Saria, and finds out she's one of them chosen people, or whatever they're called, he ditches her. I thought they were 'Best Friends', but no, they never get together as friends after Link hooks up with Zelda. It just doesn't flow like a zelda story used to. Really, I think that they made it up as they went along. Well, to show you what I mean, let me tell you the game. Link is awakened by Navi, the fairy. He finally gets a fairy. Then they goto the Tree, I can't remember what it's called, but who cares. Anyhow, they beat up the big monster inside the tree, and get this amulet from the tree. Then the tree dies. Now when this happens, Navi acts a little sad, and then moves on with link to Hyrule. Then later in the Game, you can bring the tree back to life. Navi doesn't even say a word. Now, what's up with that?! All of a sudden, there is no bond between the tree, and Navi! You actually feel kinda sad for some of the characters! And in other parts of the game, Link save those chosen people, and leaves! He doesn't care about 'em! Now, usually Zelda is the main focus here. But for a moment, Link shares a bond with those people, and leaves! In the other Zelda (I'm referring to Zelda: A link to the past) he doesn't share a bond at all, and neither does the other person you save. That means, you shouldn't expect much more between them! That means, they know they aren't going to be in the game, except maybe near the end! But in Zelda: OOT, they never see each other again, as if they never knew each other. Pitiful isn't it? But, enough about the bad stuff. Let's get with the good stuff. Like the Game Play. TONS of secrets. In fact, I don't think I even found them all. Like finding all the Heart Pieces. That can get a little tedious, which I like. And stuff like the Bow & Arrow games. Things like those make an RPG good. The dungeons were great. Absoulutley professional. The map was laid out perfectly, and the Night to Dark thing was great. Finding the Magic Arrows, and the Spells make this game worthwhile. So besides the Plot, here's what the Game recieved:

Story- Well, I was kinda picking out all the bad stuff up there. So, I'll have to give this an 80%.

Graphics- Absoulutley BEAUTIFUL! No other game could beat these.. on the N64 I mean.

Movies- Nada. Zip. Zelch. Zero. NONE! These cutscenes, or Movies, improve the game Greatly! But the graphics cover for this. 0%

Game Play- Great. With all the mini-games, I loved it. Not to mention secrets, and dungeons. Phew! 100%

Difficulty- The bosses weren't really a challenge. I was actually only stumped on the puzzles, and mini-games and such. I think many will agree when I say the Water Temple. But, it was great. Perfect. 100%

Overall- 76%

Many may disagree with me on this. The bigee reason was cutscenes, and the Plot. But still, it's worth buying, and a great game.

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