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..::Apocalypse RPG::..
..::Main Page::..

Thank you for choosing Apocalypse RPG as your page of choice, please enjoy.
(To view this page correctly you must have the Verdana font installed on your computer. Download it HERE. Verdana type font is of Microsoft Inc.)


Welcome to the new Apocalypse RPG page.
Now to tell you about this page, we here at Apocalypse RPG are all so called: RPG Maker Veterans and Roleplayers. We are here to provide you with the best from all the RPG worlds. The RM community, the real world RPG Games, consoles and projects. The Pen & Paper RPG's and much much more... So if you are as serious as we are about RPG's and all RPG Maker related then you will choose Apocalypse.

[All of us here have changed nicknames due to certain legal reasons, so if you don't reckognize us then it's because these names have never been used in the RM community before]



This page has been developed by the foremost professionals in the RM scene to give you a homepage you can rely on. We have everything for -every- RPG lover. We supply you with reviews/previews of both professionaly made, corporate games -and- the homemade games. We will also try to provide the latest information about all the newest RPG projects in all areas. We will provide you with the console/pc information you need and we will give you TONS of information about the P'n'P RPG's (Pen and Paper RPG's) plus places where you can play ADD, Shadowrun, DD, and the others online with other serious roleplayers.

We are also first on the scene to give you the RPG Developers Section. There you as a RPG developer can enter to see all the information a true RPG Developer needs, you will get tips on your own games, how to improve them, existing bugs and so on, PLUS you will also be able to look at other games and get inspiration. If you want more information about these services you are free to E-mail Information@apocalypseRPG.zzn.com.
[WARNING: We do not encourage you to copy the other games completely!]

If you think this sounds bad then we are sorry for taking your time and hope that you can find another page that will fulfill your needs as an expert RPG gamer/roleplayer.

//The Apocalypse Team

[If there are any flames you want to send us then please send them to dev/null... Enjoy!]



Now we at Apocalypse RPG offer you a unique opportunity to create your own Apocalypse RPG Mail. What does it take to have your own anything@ApocalypseRPG.zzn.com? The answer is simple, nothing, except for surfing to the page that the link below takes you to and fill out some things. AND DON'T FORGET TO READ THE WEBMASTER LETTER AS SOON AS YOU LOG INTO YOUR FIRST MAILBOX!

::Apocalypse RPG Mail::
(Because of Tecnical difficulties we ask of you to always enter the Apocalypse RPG mail through this link otherwise your account may be deleted and all your data be lost. So for your -and- our ability to provide the Apocalypse RPG Mail account you must always access it from this page.)



All roleplaying games are Copyright of their own owners and their affiliates. The RPG Maker is of ASCII co. and/or their affiliates. The custom graphics, software and multimedia are of their rightful owners.
If copying anything from this page without the permission of anyone on the Apocalypse RPG team will be seen as theft and prosecuted with legal actions.

All Advanced Dungeons & Dragons references/information are copyright of TSR and/or their affiliates.

- Apocalypse RPG Team


Valuable nfo:

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To upload your own information to the newsletter then please visit the newsletter section and see how to do that.


Soon a fantasy ART section will open up here at the Apocalypse RPG page. It will be a perfect place for all you fantasy art lovers/creaters to meet, talk and upload your own artworks to.
(And the RPG developers can if allowed use your artwork in their games.)


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Do you have any comments, bug reports, maybe even ideas how to make the page better? The webmaster will gladly except all mails except for flames who are to be sent to dev/null@luzer.com