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..::[Sangath's Promise]::..
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And there he stood, his hood pulled down letting his red hair dance like fire in the wind. There was nothing remarkable about this man, he had the bearing of any normal resident on Krynn and his clothes didn't give away any hints about his personality. His face looked young, a good guess to his age would be about 22 years. There was nothing perculiar with his face either, his ever-lively eyes sat in their sockets under a pair of light brows. His forehead was slightly wrinkled, as if he was thinking of something. The suddenly tired looking eyes casted glances all over the lake that was in front of him, he noticed the swaying trees by the beach and the greenery of this place. Too green for this season he thought. Then the eyes wandered off to the lake itself, the lake wasn't big, t'would rather be called a pond then a lake.
It was fairly dark when she arrived. Sangath heard her light footsteps on the soft grass and turned around.
"Cirrius!" she yelled and a smile appeared on the before serious face, her hair was long and flowing in the wind as she walked forward, her face was verty beautiful and as young as Sangath's if not even younger. She wore a skirt that seemed pretty well taken care of, her light hands waved at her sides as she approached him. A total overview of her would make one think that she was a very beautiful woman, and she was. Sangath thought so too.
Cirrius... he thought. A slight sarcastic smile appeared on his face as he realised that the woman in front of him had beleived in that fairy tale about his name for a whole year now.
His wrinkled forehead became straight as his face also lit up in a probably fake smile. His lips moved slowly as he greeted her. "Andrea, well met."
The young girl walked up to him still smiling. "Cirrius, where have you been? You just dissapeared for two whole weeks, and now one of the townsfolk said they saw you here by the lake, I had to go and see for myself, and look! Here you were!"
"I had to take care of... buisness. That's all, I'm sorry if you were worried." Sangath was very aware of his situation, he was not some dumb bard everyone thought he was. He was a master of lies and disguise, he had fooled the whole town to beleive that his name was Cirrius Willowbranch, a bard. His face changes from the glad expression to a blushed one, he knew that he had to clear all suspicions around his disappearing, he knew he had to use -her- as a tool to do that. As he makes his face turn slightly red he lets one of his hands slide down into his pocket and take out a ring he -borrowed- from the dead mage he killed a mere week ago.

Yes he was an assasin, a very good one at that, he was hired by a local Count to kill a renegade mage. The mage had apparently kidnapped small children and sold them as slaves, he loved it when a job turned out to bring joy.

His eyes glanced from the hand he held the ring in and then to her somewhat worried and greatly releived face. "I... I don't know what to tell you Andrea." The ring in his hands glimmered softly in the sunset as he gave it to her. "I was away for those weeks to... give you this..."
Poor Andrea, so fooled by this man, this liar, this assasin... Her eyes widened as she looked at the ring he gave her. "Cirrius! B-but... does this mean that...?"
The liar smiled once. "Yes... The ring is a token of the fact that you and I will get married some day." He didn't lie to her, he didn't like lying to her, it was true, he had plans of marriage, but not yet. Still many things to see and do he thought, he wanted to be -free- for a little while longer, then he would melt in to the picture he created for himself in this backwater village. Cirrius the bard. But until then he had to see more of the world.
"You know Andrea, it might take a while though..."
She didn't seem to hear those words as her teared eyes looked at the ring as if it was a gift from the gods, her hands clenched around the ring as if she was afraid it would run away from her.
"Andrea, did you hear me?" He knew what the ring meant to her, and felt a little sorry for having to holds up the marriage she held of so dearly.
Her tearfilled, smiling face, looked up at him and nodded. "I know that you have to leave for a while, we have talked about it before. But now I know that you will return to me..." Her joy was hard to describe, this was obviously the happiest moment of her life.
"I will be back, don't you worry. I... I love you..." There were rare occasions when Sangath didn't lie, this was one of them. He did love her, and he planned on coming back after a year or two.
"But it might take a few years, so that ring is as much a promise from me to be back as a promise from you to wait for me."
She could just nod because her voice would fail her if she tried to talk, she was too happy about this final -promise-.
Sangath slowly turned around to face the lake again. "I have been thinking... If I leave today I will be back somewhere about the same time next fall."
Andrea looks at him in suprise. "Leave? But you just returned, can't you wait just a little longer?"
The adventurers blood that boiled in Sangath couldn't wait anymore. "No, I feel I have to go... Now... But there is a good part, the sooner I go the sooner I will come back to marry you, my love."
Andrea ponders his words for a few moments and then looks at him again nodding quietly, this time her face was filled with tears of sadness, not joy.
"I promise you I will be back Andrea, and a year goes by fast, before you know it it is harvest season and you won't even have time thinking about the time, and after that the spring comes with the yearly picknicks, after that the summer, and soon thereafter the fall. The time will go by before you even know it."
She knew he was lying, and so did he. That year will feel like an eternity to her, only the two weeks he was gone felt like a whole year, but she was strong, she would manage it. And when he returns the two of them will get married, settle down and have children. This was Andrea's dream.
"Well anyway... I must leave now if I want to catch up with the boat across the blood sea of Ishtar. So I beleive this is goodbye for a while..."
Andrea's tears had dissapeared while she thought about how perfect it would be when he returned. She nodded with her small head and her hair fell over her face. "Yes Cirrius, I will wait for you, and for now..." she almost cries again before she utters these words. "Goodbye..."
He can see her pain, but still he won't comfort her, there will be time for that later, now his primary goal was to leave fast.
"If I stay longer now dear I will only start to cry and so will you, so I'll leave without a word and we will continue this conversation the next time we meet." Before she has time to utter another word he walks with a fast pace right into the forest and quickly dissapears from vision.

Andrea just stood there for about thirty minutes before she moved. She looked at the ring again hoping and -praying- that he would come back and that the years of his absence would ge by fast. Here eyes get filled with tears again as she takes the glimmering ring, the sun had set now so it didn't shine anymore, she slowly brought it to her right hand and with something that seemed like a humongous effort she put on the ring and uttered these final words before she turned aroud and left.
"I will wait for you my love... Even if I have to wait until the end of time..."

Every day after the one -he- left Andrea came back to the same spot hoping and praying he would come back early. She did so for 2 years and he didn't come back, time passed and the third year was about to come... There she stood, all alone in the dark. She was 22 years now, 3 years older than the first time he left her. She still had the ring and rubbed it as if hoping that it would bring him to her, the hope inside her was dying, 3 years had passed and no sign of her beloved... The man that said he was Cirrius. The tears were flowing down her cheeks, she knew deep inside her that if he didn't show up today he never would... It became dark and the wind stopped blowing, she still stood there, waiting... hoping... -wanting-...

Time passes, hour by hour slowly drags by as she stands there, not moving, not talking, just waiting. The dawn is begging to close in on her...
Now her tears were running wildly, now she had lost all hope... She thought that he probably died in one of his crazy adventures, or maybe drowned on the boat across teh blood sea of Ishtar. She stood there, still not moving but now cursing herself and her foolinshness, she should have stopped him, or better yet come with him! He then wouldn't need to die all alone.
Her mind is silent for a while. Maybe he found someone else? This was a totally new concept for her, that Sangath had found someone he loved more was a possibility, he loved her, she knew that, but 3 years is a long time.

She started crying again, she kneeled on the soft grass with her face buried in her hands...
All of a sudden a sound is heard from the little forest that surround the lake, the sound of footsteps...

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..::[Sangath's Promise]::..


..::[Dyne's Legacy]::..
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The tall vampire stood on the balcony slowly looking over the fields of solamnia, the chilly made his breath be seen in the night. The night was calm, as all the other nights in Ravenhair, who would be so foolish to attack a castle filled with the undead hordes the vampire had gathered?

His name was Dyne, Dyne Bloodbane, a name of little importance to some, but of great to others. Dyne was the "gatherer" of the solamnic vampires. He went around practically -ordering- vampires to join him... or suffer another death.

The cold stones on the balcony echoed when he walked across them. A single echo in the night. Dyne walked through a door that lead away from the balcony and into a large hallway, the walls were covered with candles and the ceiling with paintings that described horrible deeds as slaughtering of small children and destruction of whole cities. The lonely vampire walked along the hall, his footsteps still echoing. The halls were empty, all the vampires were out -hunting- by now. He walked to a small door on his right side, it seemed smaller than the other doors, he pushed open the door and came into a simple chamber.

Empty as always the vampire thought, but he liked it this way, he was a loner. His satisfication comes from serving Chemosh and playing with the souls of mortals, nothing else. Dyne looked around the simple kip that was his room, he didn't want any decorations or something like that, he loved simplicity and had no use of gold, silver and other valuables.
Dyne seemed to be heading for a little curtain that covered one of the walls in his room, he pushed away the curtain and revealed a darker portion of the wall, he closed his eyes as if he was concentrating and suddenly the piece of wall slided in and uncovered a secret passage. The vampire crouched and entered the tight space, he walked for a few minutes until he came to another small tree door, he pushes it open and enters the room behind it.
The room looked like a temple of sorts, there were various artifacts scattered across the altar like construction in the middle of the room. An idol of a man in robes was built upon the altar and the mad had two yellow jewels instead of eyes. Otherwise this room was pretty simple, the walls looked like they were cut out of the stone and instead of the usual stone or wooden floor this one was covered with bloody sheats, why it was like this noone knew, there was no one who knew about the room itself.
The dark clad vampire kneeled in front of the idol on the altar and he put his sword in front of the man's feet, he closes his eyes and slowly begins to hum some strange sort of prayer. His words are spidery like and very hard to understand, he seems to be in some sort of trance as he grabs his sword still with eyes closed, the damned blade still emitting a strange sickly yellow color, he hods the sword over his head and then lets it go, strangely the sword stays levitated in the air and shines above his head. Dyne seems to fall asleep and just sits there with eyes clothes, not moving and not talking.
After a few hours the vampire stands up again and opens eyes, it seems as if he didn't have any pupills but as if his eyes had been set on fire and burned inside his skull, he opens his mouth and utters a simple word. "Come..."
The sword levitated in front of him slowly starts to tremble and drop in altitude, it then turns around and as if Dyne was using magic it sheated itself. The vampire nodded as if in confirmation and then glanced at the statue, his eyes return to normal as he bows once and turns around. The small door leading into the small hall was still open, he walked through it closing the door after him. It was very dark in the hall, there was no light anywhere and Dyne wandered in the darkness for a few minutes until he reached the second door, it opened by itself without the vampire touching it and he was standing in his simple room, he closes his eyes once more and the secret fragment of the wall returns to its place hiding the passage. He pulls down the curtains again and glances out through the simple window that was above his bed, it was full moon outside and a grin suddenly appeared on his quiet serious face. While Dyne was standing there grinning quietly a younger man entered his room.
"Master Dyne, why aren't you hunting" He said the words with some caution, knowing what Dyne was capable of.
Dyne could feel his fear in his words and grinned evern more as he replied. "I had -buisness- to attend to young Satius." Turns around and smiles, liking the fear that he emitted. "And -why- aren't -you- hunting?" He knew his words would strike fear into the young man.

Dyne had turned Satius into a vampire when Satius was 16 years old. After the turning after Satius came to peace with his -condition- he idolised Dyne and followed him around. Not that Dyne would ever admit it but he liked the young man, he probably saw his own potential in him. But he was too weak and too -emotional-. That's why Dyne was -teaching- him in the ways of a true vampire.

"I master? I only wanted to wait for you. You said you would show me a thing all vampires must do once." Dyne smiles as he hears these words. "Ah yes indeed... I need to show you something important, something very important." The young man feeled a little better and replied. "What is that master?"
Once again the older vampire smiled. "I will show you how to burn a whole village to the ground... slaughter the children, feed on the women and kill the men... You might say it is a vampire tradition." The young man's eyes lit up when hearing this, he only nodded fearing that saying something else would make him change his mind, he knew that Dyne could do whatever he felt like so saying against him was a foolish deed. "Now let's go young one... Let's go -hunting-..."

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.::[Dyne's Legacy]::..