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The Pandora's Box RPG Page -1999

(Copyright (C) Paladin All Rights Reserved - 1999)

The RPG creation utilities page
These files should help you in creating your own RPG. I think by using all the things here you really can make a great RPG. If you know of an utility that should be here then E-mail me and tell me.

Avi Utilities
Name of Avi maker Description

Ulead GIF Animator 3.0a

A good Avi, gif ani, and much more maker. (That sounded strange didn't it?) Well just try it and see.

HyperCam 1.34

Also a very useful Avi maker, something you must try!

Adobe After Effects 4.0

Woohoo! This my friends is great, it can change and add special effects to already finished Avi movies! Great eh? Try it!

3D Impact! Pro 1.25

Also a great Avi maker but it is only shareware... Buhu...

3DEM 7.0.4

RECOMMENDED! This program is totally free and can make flybys and other cool things, and it saves them as Avi!

Avi Constructor

A shareware Avi maker program. It makes Avi movies for your games. It is pretty simple to use.

Personal Avi Editor

Also a Avi maker that isn't as crippled as the one above but more difficult to use.

Compression/Expansion Utilities
Name of Compressor/Expander Description
WinZip (32-bit) 7.0 SR-1

Everyone should know what this is, and for you that don't it is one of the most popular compressors/expanders available!

Aladdin Expander 5.0

Same as the below, but this one expands most of the compressed archives on the internet.

Aladdin DropStuff for Windows 1.0

A pretty ok program for compressing all your files, like you game on RPG Maker.

Graphic creating Utilities
Name of Graphic Editor Description

Bryce 3D Demo

This is a great program for creating 3D landscapes. It is very easy and simple. The link leads to the download page where you have to download 6 files and unArj them, more info on the download page. This is something you must try.

Paint Shop Pro 5

A great Image Maker/editor. A must for all those images in RPG Maker! (Only Trial)


A pretty nice program but also a little useless. this takes screenshots of your game or anything else you need. But since there is a Print Screen button on the keyboard this might be a little useless.

Music/SFX Editing & Creating Utilities
Name of Music/SFX Utility Description

Acid WAV 1.3

A great program if you want to make your own wav's with great quality and great effects. Only demo though.

Awave 5.0

A great sound editing program. It can open and edit files of many formats. Try it.

Spc 200

A utility that extracts midis from a snes roms. That is great for all those midis you can't find anywhere.

Snessor 95

A utility that extract SFX from your favorite roms and saves them as *.wav. 


This is a good and simple midi music maker. You can even make midis without owning a keyboard.

Midi Player 32

A good Midi player with a lot of functions